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Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic vs Galaxy Watch 5 Pro: Main differences

So should we consider the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic as a superior device to last year’s Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, or are both on the same level? 

The first and most important difference between the two smartwatches is the material used for the case build. The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro relies on titanium, which is light and robust, while rumors have it that Samsung wouldn’t be relying on titanium for its next top smartwatch. Instead, the South Korea-based giant will likely be using aluminum. Here’s to hoping that Samsung will continue using sapphire on the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic, which should give wearers a peace of mind. 

In terms of major design differences, the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic will be scoring a hardware rotating bezel, which would allow you to easily navigate throughout the interface. This fan-favorite feature was missing from the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, which employed a capacitive side bezel that theoretically offered the same functionality, but in reality, the feeling of going through the interface with the rotating bezel can’t really be emulated. 

In terms of size differences, the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic will apparently come in both 43mm and 47mm versions, while the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro was available in a single 45mm version only. The latter also featured an oversized raised bezel that aimed to offer some additional protection to the sapphire display.

The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro was IP68 water-resistant up to 50 meters, and also featured military-graded durability (MIL-STD810H); while we feel certain that the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic would be safe up to 50 meters of water, we don’t think it will have the same durability as the titanium Watch 5 Pro.

Colors-wise, both wearables seem to have a similar obsession with Silver and Black colors. 


New mechanism, new bands

Pretty much all Galaxy smartwatches, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro included, have used a spring-bar mechanism in order to attach the band to the watch itself. This also means that almost all bands have been interchangeable. 

However, judging from some leaked images of the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic, this one is seemingly adopting a push-button mechanism for attaching the bands to the case of the watch. This new undertaking might or might not render all of your older bands incompatible with the upcoming Galaxy Watch 6 Classic.

The new wearable is also coming with a leather band, it seems, while the sportier and more “adventurous” Galaxy Watch 5 Pro relied on a tough silicone band.

Software & Features

One UI 5 Watch to the rescue

Both the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro and the upcoming Watch 6 Classic will be eventually running the recently announced One UI 5 Watch software. It builds upon the extremely strong foundation of Wear OS 3, which currently powers the Watch 5 Pro right now. 

One UI 5 Watch comes along with functional and visual changes. These include enhanced sleep tracking, improved sleep coaching guidance, as well as establishing a sleep-friendly environment between the Galaxy Watch and any connected SmartThings-devices in your home. 

The upcoming software also comes with better fitness capabilities and coaching heart rate zones, which offer tailored running tools including a real-time performance analysis and customized interval training programs.

Other than that, both the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro and Galaxy Watch 6 Classic will most certainly share the same amount of health-related sensors and features that will keep tabs on your bodily functions. BMI readings, heart-rate monitoring, skin temperature (used for female cycle tracking), sleep tracking, and others play a major part in the Galaxy Watch wellness utility. 

New on the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic could be irregular heart-rate monitoring, which would alert you of heart arrhythmia.

The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro might remain the more accurate smartwatch to use thanks to its dual-band GPS. It’s unclear if the Watch 6 Classic would get the same treatment, but we doubt it. 

Similar to most recent Galaxy Watch devices, neither the Watch 5 Pro or the Watch 6 Classic will play well with an iPhone; in fact, you wouldn’t be able to pair them at all. Galaxy Watches based on the Wear OS platform only work with Android devices, and then again, somewhat limited. Your best bet is using a Galaxy smartphone, as some features are exclusive to Samsung’s phones, like ECG and blood pressure monitoring. 

Battery and Charging

It would be hard to beat the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

The Galaxy Watch 6 Classic comes along with a larger 425mAh battery than its predecessor, the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. Paired with the rumored new chipset on board, the Exynos W930 chip, the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic should technically deliver better battery life, which would mean less tete-a-tete with its wireless charger. 

However, it would probably be quite hard to match and beat the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro’s record battery life. The 590mAh battery inside Samsung’s last-year wearable easily delivered three-day battery life, which is impressive to say the least.

In terms of charging, both the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro and the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic will rely on 10W charging. The Watch 5 Pro included a wireless charging puck in the box, and it also topped at 10W. 

The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is available in a single size only, a 45mm one. This wearable is available in both Bluetooth/Wi-Fi and Bluetooth/Wi-Fi + cellular versions, priced at $450 and $500, respectively. 

Meanwhile, the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic will be available in 43mm and 47mm versions, each of which will most certainly have Bluetooth/Wi-Fi and Bluetooth/Wi-Fi + cellular variations. This means the new watch will likely be available in four different versions altogether. 

Voice Calls and Haptics

You can make calls on the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, and honestly, we don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to do the same on the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic. Although probably not as great as taking a phone call on your, well, Galaxy phone, the ability to answer in any situation and communicate via the wondrous gadget on your wrist is a great thing to have.

Haptic feedback on Samsung wearables has always been great, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro included. The Galaxy Watch 6 Classic is unlikely to disappoint. 


How do the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro vs Galaxy Watch 6 Classic specs measure up? Here’s the gist of it, summarized for your comfort:



So far, it seems that the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro and the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic are aimed at different users and with different use cases in mind. 

The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is a rugged device that is seemingly capable of withstanding tons of wear and tear while accompanying you on your off-grid adventures. With superb battery life and all the software goodies you’ve come to expect from a modern-day smartwatch, it’s among the best smartwatches you might consider if you’re deep into the Galaxy ecosystem.

At the same time, the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic is shaping up to be a contemporary dress smartwatch, with the fan-favorite signature rotating bezel and a posh new leather band leading the way. The new chipset could potentially bring slightly better battery life, which is always welcome. 


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