Sunday, April 14, 2024
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Samsung’s first software update for the Galaxy S23 series is already rolling out

Unveiled almost three weeks ago, Samsung’s newest heavyweight contenders for the title of best phone money can buy have reached brick and mortar stores and their earliest adopters via online delivery on Friday, February 17.

Generally met with praise by reviewers across the world wide web, the Galaxy S23, S23 Plus, and S23 Ultra are obviously not perfect, and if you happen to be rocking a unit that feels a tad buggy, you might be pleased to hear that a little software update is already making its way to users in select global markets.
We’re primarily talking about European countries like Germany, Poland, and the UK, although the over-the-air rollout may have also kicked off in the US as far as unlocked devices are concerned.

For a first post-release update, this is actually not that small of a collection of add-ons, new features, and performance enhancements, tipping the scales at a pretty substantial 600MB or so.

For the time being, we have no idea exactly what’s included in this update apart from February 2023 security patches. As the rollout expands to more regions and users, of course, we should quickly find out everything there is to know in terms of actual changes and improvements, as well as what Galaxy S23, S23+, and S23 Ultra owners think about all that’s new and revised.

As usual, the pre-installed software on Samsung’s latest ultra-high-end handsets feels quite stable and smooth, although a few little bugs and glitches are also almost always part of the early adopter experience.
If you haven’t purchased one of these bad boys yet, you can obviously still do that and get some absolutely massive discounts from Samsung, especially with the right carrier and the right device trade-in.


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