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Samsung’s Galaxy SmartTag 2 Tracker Gets 2-year Battery Life and UWB

Samsung launched the Galaxy SmartTag 2 via a press release today, coinciding with Google’s Pixel 8 (hands-on) announcement. The new Bluetooth tracker features a new design and significantly better battery life than the original Galaxy SmartTag.

What’s new in the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag 2?

Following the leaked pictures of the Galaxy SmartTag 2, it is now confirmed that the smart tag has an all-new elliptical form. It also gets a larger and more prominent ring loop, which allows it to be hooked to accessories like a keychain and bags better. It is still IP67 water-resistant and will be offered in black and white color options.

Apart from the looks, the biggest upgrade found on the Galaxy SmartTag 2 is the battery life. According to Samsung, the battery life on the 2nd gen Galaxy SmartTag is estimated to last 700 days or two years, or double that of Samsung’s first Galaxy tag. Once the battery dies, this can be replaced by a CR2032 lithium cell.

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag 2 Bluetooth tracker
Samsung’s Galaxy SmartTag 2 is offered in black or white colorway. / © Samsung

The Galaxy SmartTag 2 now comes with a UWB or ultrawide band radio, which was only available with the SmartTag+ variant. This enables precise location tracking similar to the Apple AirTag (review). The accessory’s low-energy Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity has a similar range of 120 meters. Samsung didn’t mention if there were enhancements to the tag’s speaker though.

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag 2 compatibility

Unlike most third-party smart Bluetooth trackers, Samsung’s Galaxy SmartTag 2 can only work with most Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets via its SmartThings app. It can also be paired to Galaxy devices without UWB, but Samsung says it is fully functional with models that have a UWB chip, such as the Galaxy S23 or Galaxy Z Flip 5 (review).

Unfortunately, it remains unclear if the Galaxy SmartTag 2 will be supported by the upcoming cross-platform unwanted tracking alerts developed by Google and Apple.

Samsung added the Galaxy SmartTag 2 will be available in white or black color and will hit shelves on October 10th. The device will cost $29.99 a pop, but it remains unknown how much it will cost in other regions at the moment.

Will you buy the new Galaxy SmartTag with its 2-year battery life? How would you use one? Share your answers with us in the comments. 


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