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Self-Cleaning Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

The H13 Pro from Dreame is a stylish wet and dry vacuum cleaner that is augmented by a charging station with self-cleaning functions. Hidden within the vacuum cleaner is a suction power that totals a whopping 18,000 Pa. Read the detailed nextpit review and find out where the elegant wet vacuum cleaner falls short despite us recommending the Dreame H13 Pro.


  • Charging station offers many cleaning functions
  • Numerous cleaning modes
  • Convenient operation
  • Practical voice commands


  • Not the most flexible model
  • Simultaneous self-cleaning and charging is not possible
Dreame H13 Pro

Dreame H13 Pro

Dreame H13 Pro: All deals

In a nutshell

Anyone looking for a powerful wet and dry vacuum cleaner will be completely satisfied with the Dreame H13 Pro. Dust and dirt were not safe from the vacuum cleaner in our review thanks to its relentless 18,000 Pa suction power. The various cleaning modes that the Dreame H13 Pro boasts store are also impressive.

The Dreame vacuum cleaner features great handling, but the cordless vacuum cleaner lacks the necessary flexibility if you intend to clean deep under furniture. The tiny charging station, which first rinses the cleaning brush with hot water before drying the cleaning tool with hot air, ensures a clean brush every single time.

This test report is part of a collaboration between Dreame and nextpit. This collaboration has no bearing on the editorial opinion of nextpit.

Design and ease-of-use

The Dreame H13 Pro left a high-quality impression in the review. The charging station offers a wide range of functions despite its compact design.


  • High-quality look.
  • Cleaning agent is included.


The Dreame H13 Pro is only available in one color like Ford’s Model T — black. The H13 Pro comes with a charging station, some cleaning agent, a cleaning brush, a replacement filter, and a replacement brush to get you started. The vacuum cleaner is easily assembled for use in a jiffy. Once assembled, just place it in the charging station to juice up.

Before you can get to work, you should first fill the 900 ml water tank with clean water and pour some of the cleaning solution into the container. You will find the clean water tank located behind the H13 Pro. The H13 Pro collects dirty water in a 700 ml tank in front.

The Dreame H13 Pro boasts a tank for clean water and another for dirty water.
The Dreame H13 Pro has two water tanks: one for clean water and one for dirty water. / © nextpit

From a bird’s eye view, you can see the LED display, which shows the current cleaning mode and battery status. You operate the cleaning device using three buttons on the handle. You can switch between the four cleaning modes at the touch of a button. Another button begins the self-cleaning process in the charging station. Last but not least, the On/Off button is also located at the same area.

All the operation buttons are conveniently located at the end of the handle.
At the end of the handle, you have all the buttons you need to conveniently operate the wet and dry vacuum cleaner. / © nextpit

Performance and operation

If you want to enjoy good suction power, the H13 Pro is the ideal appliance for you. The wet and dry vacuum cleaner also showed no weaknesses when it comes to cleaning. The Dreame vacuum cleaner only lacks the flexibility to vacuum under sofas.


  • Impressive cleaning performance.
  • Practical self-cleaning functions of the charging station.
  • LED lights on brush head is very helpful.


  • Self-cleaning is only possible when the battery level is at 15 percent or less.
  • Lack of flexibility to clean under furniture.

Dreame offers four cleaning settings on the H13 Pro, which you can change at the touch of a button. The selected cleaning mode is always indicated by voice if you cannot make sense of the symbols. The display not only shows you the current cleaning mode but also informs you when you need to refill the clean water tank.

Guiding the 5.6 kg wet vacuum cleaner was extremely easy in the review. Thanks to the so-called “Glide Wheel” technology, you can maneuver the H13 Pro comfortably along corners and around your furniture. This is especially handy when you drive forward, as the Dreame H13 Pro has a helpful forward pull which is comparable to an impatient dog out for a walk.

The Dreame H13 Pro's 18,000 Pa suction power makes short work of dust.
The Dreame H13 Pro devours everything that comes in front of its brush. A full 18,000 Pa and helpful LED lights on the brush head ensure that you get every last speck of dust out of the corners. / © nextpit

The keyword here is “animals”: If you have playful four-legged friends in your home, the H13 Pro is also an excellent choice to vacuum their pet hair. In our review, the wet vacuum cleaner had no problems hoovering up pet hair. A look at the roller brush did not result in any nasty surprises. We didn’t have to pull any tangled pet hair out of the brush.

The cleaning performance of the Dreame vacuum cleaner is impressive. In turbo mode (the most powerful setting), the H13 Pro lasted a full 28 minutes. Here is a little tip — we recommend you wear over-ear headphones (Best Of list), because at 73 dB, the Dreame H13 Pro is a real pain in the ears over the long run.

For those who are familiar with Dyson vacuum cleaners, the 5.6 kg H13 Pro also has an LED-illuminated brush for you to view hard-to-see dust better. However, the H13 Pro lacks flexibility: If you move the handle closer and closer to the floor, the roller brush lifts at a certain angle. This means you can’t vacuum your sofa right down up to the last centimeter.

While powerful, the H13 Pro is not that flexible.
The H13 Pro has plenty of power. However, the device quickly reaches its limits in terms of flexibility. / © nextpit

Of course, you won’t always need to use the highest suction power at home. We recommend you select the reliable and practical “smart mode” most of the time. In smart mode, the H13 Pro uses green, orange, and red colored rings to show you how dirty the area you are currently cleaning is. A green light indicates a little dirt, orange depicts a medium amount of dirt, while red denotes you should scrub the respective area more often.

A color-coded display depicts the cleanliness of the existing area.
The display shows you the current degree of dirtiness so that you can scrub an area a little more thoroughly to be on the safe side. / © nextpit

After the vacuuming process, return the cleaning appliance to the charging station so that the brush can be dried after being washed with hot water at 60 degrees before having hot air blown at it for 30 minutes. You will need to allow a little more time for the charging process. The battery needs a whole four hours to reach 100 percent. We are pleased to note that the battery life is long enough.

The long charging time is another factor that detracts from the great overall impression in our practical review. The H13 Pro only begins the self-cleaning process when the battery drops to 15 percent or less. Until then, the appliance will tell you that you need to charge the vacuum cleaner before it can begin the self-cleaning process.

The self-cleaning process takes a few minutes and results in a battery loss of around four percent. The brush will be dried with hot air at the end of it all. One practical thing is how the display shows you the progress of the process in terms of percentage. Charging time is a full 3.5 hours and there is no app to show you how far along the cleaning process is currently when docked.

The charging station might be small but is very practical.
The station looks inconspicuous but impresses with its practical self-cleaning functions. / © nextpit

Last but not least, here is a little tip: Don’t forget to empty the dirty water tank regularly. Don’t let the clean water tank out of your sight, either. If you place the H13 Pro in the charging station but the tank does not contain any clean water, the device will not begin charging.

Final verdict

The H13 Pro from Dreame is one of the best wet and dry vacuum cleaners you will find on the market today. The cleaning performance proved to be impressive in the review with a respectable battery life. There is also a small charging station with an even wider range of functions. In the end, there are only a few minor issues that slightly diminished the great overall impression we have of the H13 Pro.

First, the flexibility of the vacuum cleaner is a problem, especially if you intend to vacuum under your furniture often. Otherwise, the swiveling head and handling felt pleasant when vacuuming. Apart from that, the H13 Pro only begins its self-cleaning process when the battery drops to 15 percent or below. This is particularly annoying if you have previously used the full battery capacity and have to wait a while until the dirty brush can be rinsed thoroughly.

To summarize, with the Dreame H13 Pro, you get a powerful wet and dry vacuum cleaner with minor yet tolerable flaws. The recommended retail price is $800.



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