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Sensational iPhone SE 2 price cut! This 39900 smartphone can be yours for just 8990

Looking for a new smartphone, but always turned off by the high cost of iPhones? Look no further! The sale season never ends for tech buyers, and Flipkart has just dropped a cool deal this Valentine’s Week. Get your hands on the iPhone SE 2 which is originally priced at Rs. 39900, for a stunning price of just Rs. 8990, including exchange offer. That’s right, you can now own an iPhone for less than the cost of some mid-range devices! Don’t miss out on this amazing iPhone SE 2 price cut opportunity, check out the details now!

iPhone SE 2 price cut on Flipkart

The retail price of the iPhone SE 2 64GB variant is Rs. 39900. However, Flipkart is giving a special deal where you get a flat 27 percent off on the smartphone. That means you get to save a cool Rs. 10910 and take the iPhone home for just Rs. 28990. And this comes without any special credit or debit card, exchange offers or any other loopholes. While this in itself is an impressive deal, it can get a lot better for you if you have an old smartphone you’re willing to trade.

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Flipkart also has an exchange offer worth Rs. 20000 running right now. All you need is a smartphone in working condition to be eligible for this. However, not all smartphones will have a similar exchange value. The discount is based on the resale value of the smartphone and to get the entire amount, you might need an expensive smartphone. Nonetheless, you will get some discount no matter which device you exchange. If you can manage to get the full value of the exchange offer, then you can consider yourself lucky because you get to buy the smartphone for just Rs. 8990. And you save a whopping Rs. 30910! So, if this deal has piqued your interest, you can check more details on the Flipkart website and app.

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