Thursday, May 30, 2024
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Smartphone film in finals | Brimbank & North West

A Caroline Springs filmmaker has been named a finalist for the 9th annual international Smart Fone Flick Fest (SF3).

SF3 is an Australian film competition that celebrates movies shot entirely on smartphones which this year attracted 458 entries from 60 countries, competing for more than $50,000 across multiple categories.

Ronald James Baculo is a finalist in the main award and the Luma Touch Finished on Mobile award for his film The Art of Living (with a Mechanical Keyboard).

The Luma Touch Finished on Mobile award goes to movies that are not only filmed on smartphones, but also edited and completed all on a mobile device without the help of a computer or laptop.

Mr Baculo said this is the first time he’s made about a dozen films over the past decade, but this is the first time he’s done an end-to-end production entirely on his phone.

“I was literally editing this film while on the train commute or even in bed,” he said.

“I’m also a big advocate for mobile filmmaking because it democratises the process of filmmaking, empowering ordinary people to tell their stories without the need for expensive camera gear or going to an exclusive film school.

“I feel really honoured to have my little short film selected at SF3 especially since it’s one of the biggest smartphone film festivals in the world and it supports local Australian filmmakers.”

The SF3 Gala Finals take place in Sydney the weekend of November 18.

Then, Friday November 24, the festival arrives in Melbourne for a co-screening with another of the world’s largest smartphone film festivals – MINA at ACMI in Federation Square.


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