Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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Solana Mobile’s ‘Chapter 2’ Sells 30k Pre-Orders in 30 Hours

Solana Mobile’s latest smartphone, Chapter 2, has witnessed an unusual buying frenzy within 30 hours of its announcement. 

The company, known for its focus on the crypto community, reported over 25,000 pre orders within the initial day, which surged to 30,000 within 30 hours. This remarkable demand has outpaced the year’s sales of Solana’s first Saga handset. 

Chapter 2 retains features such as an Android-based system, an integrated crypto wallet, a Seed Vault, and a dApp store for decentralized crypto applications. Notably, it is being offered at a lower price of $450 compared to the Saga’s $599.

Solana Mobile’s co-founder and president of Solana Labs, Raj Gokal, highlighted the device’s significance for crypto app developers, providing them with a concentrated distribution channel to reach dedicated users without the burden of prohibitive app store fees. 

The company aims to replicate the success of the Saga, which gained attention after offering substantial crypto rewards to its owners, eventually leading to its sell-out status.

With Chapter 2’s launch, Solana Mobile is focused on wider accessibility and aims to continue supporting the crypto community’s interests. It is positioned as a device that embodies the possibilities of crypto, promoting greater adoption of crypto-incentivized apps among users. 

The new smartphone, set to ship in the first half of 2025, seeks to empower developers and users with greater flexibility and freedom in crypto.

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