Friday, July 19, 2024

Sumplete is a Wordle rival made entirely by ChatGPT – here’s how to play

ChatGPT might have created the next Wordle in the shape of Sumplete, an engaging online number puzzle game.

The rules of Sumplete (opens in new tab) are pretty simple. You’re given a grid of numbers – with sizes ranging from a three-by-three grid up to one that’s nine-by-nine – and you have to delete numbers such that the ones remaining in the columns and rows add up to specific totals.

As you can see in the example below, we’ve removed the six and nine from the leftmost column so that the remaining digits (two, two, and three) add up to seven, while for the middle row, we had to delete everything except the central nine to achieve the target of nine.

A 5-by-5 grid of numbers with green circles and red crosses over some of the entries

(Image credit: Future)

As the grids get larger there are more possible combinations of numbers in each row and column that add up to the targets, making it progressively more difficult to find a solution. Those of you who are up for the ultimate challenge will enjoy the nine-by-nine grid, as not only is it the largest, but it introduces negative numbers as well.


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