Monday, May 20, 2024
Smart Phones

T-Mobile indefinitely delays new trade in program that was supposed to start October 16th

Making life easier for its subscribers is what T-Mobile used to be all about. Some supporters would disagree and say that this is still what the nation’s second-largest carrier is all about while others would disagree and note that several convenient ways to pay have been made a little harder this year. For example, invoices can no longer be paid at T-Mobile stores unless you want to get socked with an extra $5 fee. And if you want to save $5 by using AutoPay, the service must be linked to a bank account or debit card instead of a credit card.

But T-Mobile does plan on making things easier for those who are trading in a device to help lower the purchase price of a new phone. The company will start sending “physical return ship kits” proactively to customers with deferred trade-ins. These kits include everything needed to send the trade to T-Mobile including shipping materials, instructions, and a return shipping label. Frontline experts will be able to send a kit out to T-Mobile subscribers upon demand.

T-Mobile also says that its new system will result in easier-to-understand notifications being sent to subscribers doing a trade-in. Device return deadlines and status updates will also be disseminated to customers. It all sounds good and the new program was scheduled to start this past Monday, October 16th. However, the carrier has elected to delay indefinitely the debut of the new enhanced trade-in program.

With the delay, if you’re due to send back an old smartphone to T-Mobile, you better start looking for a small box that you can use to ship your trade. Hopefully, the new system will go into effect soon.


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