Thursday, May 30, 2024
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Take a look at the updated Heart Rate app for the Apple Watch in watchOS 10

The Heart Rate app on the Apple Watch has saved many lives. And with the major changes to the UI coming in watchOS 10, 9to5Mac has posted images of what the Heart Rate app will look like in the next build of watchOS. We’ve already shown you what to expect the Weather app for Apple Watch will look like in watchOS 10 and now we can show you the upcoming new look for the app that measures your heart rate and alerts you if it is beating too fast or too slow.

The Apple Watch will have a widget-based UI in watchOS 10 and like we showed you with the new Weather app, the “redesigned apps provide more information at a glance, and there are new ways to navigate and quickly access content.” It is all about information and time. More of one is obtained in less of the other. The current Heart Rate app shows you your current beats per minute (BPM) when opened. Swiping up will show your resting heart rate and your Walking Average. The version of the app in watchOS 10 will deliver more data.

Opening the app reveals the new heart icon in a shadow as you await the reading from your timepiece. When the number pops up, the heart icon pulsates to the rhythm of your heart rate. Swiping or scrolling down will show you:

  • Your daily heart rate range
  • Resting rate
  • Walking rate
  • Workout rate(s)
As a result, watchOS 10 should be available to compatible Apple Watch models just before the end of next month. While the beta version is available now, once you install it on your Apple Watch, you can not roll back to watchOS 9 if some of your most used features are not yet working perfectly. If you’re still interested, click on this link.


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