Wednesday, April 24, 2024
Smartphone news

Teen, 133, stabs her mom over smartphone

A schoolgirl in Shizuoka prefecture is suspected of brutally stabbing her sleeping mother, the day before the girl quarreled with her over a smartphone, NHK television channel reported.

The police were called by the housemates, who found the woman bleeding in the bedroom with multiple stab wounds, she could not be saved. Relatives said her 13-year-old daughter inflicted the fatal wounds on her and the girl confessed to the police.

It turned out that shortly before the murder, the schoolgirl often quarreled with her mother because of the constant use of a smartphone and decided to kill her. The girl waited until her mother fell asleep, snuck into her bedroom and attacked the woman with a knife, the murder weapon was seized from the scene.

The schoolgirl was placed in a special facility for juvenile offenders, she is not yet of prosecutable age.


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