Wednesday, June 19, 2024
Smartphone news

Tesla Owner Blames a Smartphone App for Accidentally Stealing Someone’s Car

Tesla introduced a lot of new tech into the automotive world in just a short time. The company is credited with mainstreaming EVs, pioneering over-the-air updates, and introducing great features like sentry mode. One feature that has put Tesla in the news is its smartphone app. Unfortunately, though the app is typically quite handy, one owner discovered a potential security concern.

How does the Tesla app work?

The Tesla app acts as an extension of the center control screen. This means some of the features controlled through the touchscreen can be controlled using the app as a proxy. That said, what you can manage through the app is limited. According to the Tesla owner’s manual, the app can be used to operate climate functions, locate and track the car, lock/unlock the vehicle, enable/disable sentry mode, and even summon the car. Owners can do even more than that with the app, but those are the most commonly used functions.


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