Monday, May 20, 2024
Smart Phones

The Apple Watch Ultra gets an automatic “eye-saving” feature in watchOS 10

The watchOS 10 update will bring widgets to the Apple Watch that will be controlled via the timepiece’s Digital Crown. And with Smart Stack, Apple Watch widgets will bundle together based on the user’s typical schedule. For example, when the Apple Watch user gets up first thing in the morning, the weather widget will be on the top of the stack. The calendar widget could be on the top of the stack when a previously recorded appointment is drawing near.
Another cool feature that watchOS 10 will bring to the premium Apple Watch Ultra is Auto Night Mode. Using the ambient light sensor, the watch will know when light levels are low enough to warrant turning on Night Mode automatically. In Night Mode, the Apple Watch Ultra removes the blue light that negatively affects your eyes by straining them and turns the entire interface red and black to make it more visible at night and less irritating to your eyes.
The Night Mode currently is enabled manually by swiping to Apple Watch Ultra’s Wayfinder screen which shows elevations, location coordinates, and more. With the Wayfinder face on the watch, turn the Digital Crown to turn on Night Mode and turn it the other way to turn it off. Again, with watchOS 10, the Apple Watch Ultra will use ambient light sensors to determine whether to activate the feature automatically.

It is important to note that the Night Mode feature works only with the Wayfinder watch face on the Apple Watch Ultra so if you plan on using Night Mode manually or automatically, you are going to need to have this watch face selected for the timepiece. It isn’t known whether having Auto Night Mode enabled will be the default setting for watchOS 10 on the Apple Watch Ultra although it probably should be. That’s because enabling Night Mode in watchOS 10 on Apple’s premium smartwatch might be more of a pain since spinning the Digital Crown in that build will control the new widgets.

To make things easier, Apple Watch Ultra users will probably want to make sure that Night Mode using the Wayfinder face is enabled if it isn’t activated by default in watchOS 10.


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