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The best Apple iPhone 15 Plus screen protectors 2023

Apple’s Ceramic Shield display technology shields your phone from cracks, but it never hurts to add some extra protection.

The iPhone 15 and 15 Plus aren’t a radical reinvention of what Apple was already winning at with the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus, there’s still the squared-off sides and aluminum and glass body, but they do feature a key difference in their screen, the redesigned notch Apple introduced on the iPhone 14 Pro dubbed the Dynamic Island.

At 6.7-inches, the iPhone 15 Plus has a lot of screen real estate to play with, which means even more glass that could crack after a fall or get scratched by your keys. An easy way to protect that big, bright screen is with a screen protector, an extra-layer of glass designed to absorb scratches and reject fingerprints so your actual phone stays pristine. We’ve collected some of the best screen protectors for the iPhone 15 Plus, so if you’re considering extra-protection for your new phone, we’ve got you covered below.

Our picks for the best iPhone 15 Plus screen protectors

  • A thin glass screen protector hovering over an iPhone 15 Plus.

    Speck / Pocket-lint

    Speck ShieldView for iPhone 15 Plus

    Best overall

    Speck’s iPhone 15 Plus ShieldView Glass Screen Protector is pricier than the competition, but if you’re looking designed to fit with the company’s own cases or you want a screen protector with 9H hardness class, it’s still an excellent option. Plus, Speck has its method for easily installing the screen protector, just like Spigen.

  • An iPhone 15 Plus next to a glass screen protector installation kit.

    Belkin / Pocket-lint

    Belkin UltraGlass 2 Screen Protector for iPhone 15 Plus

    A premium Apple-exclusive

    As of right now, the Belkin UltraGlass 2 Screen Protector is an Apple-exclusive. The Lithium Aluminosilicate material is stronger than normal tempered glass, and a fair bit thinner at 0.29mm, which makes it a great unobtrusive choice for a new phone upgrade. The only problem is the easiest possible installation requires a separate applicator purchase which Apple only sells in-store.

  • A orange alignment mount and tempered glass screen protector lowering onto an iPhone 15 Plus.

    Spigen / Pocket-lint

    Spigen Screen Protector AlignMaster GLAS.tR for iPhone 15 Plus

    Best for easy installation

    Spigen has one of the simplest and most foolproof methods for installing screen protectors, which makes the iPhone 15 Plus Screen Protector AlignMaster GLAS.tR an easy choice for our overall favourite way to prevent scratches and smudges.

  • An iPhone 15 Plus laying on its side with a screen protector applied.

    Dbrand / Pocket-lint

    Dbrand iPhone 15 Plus Tempered Glass Screen Protector

    Best for value

    Dbrand is best known for its phone skins, but the company also offers an affordable and reliable set of screen protectors. The new iPhone 15 Plus Tempered Glass Screen Protector is precision fit to cover the entire screen, has an oleophobic coating to prevent oil build-up, and has polished edges to match the natural curves of Apple’s phone.

  • Three glass screen protectors hanging in front of an iPhone 15 Plus and the box they came in.

    YMHML / Pocket-lint

    YMHML iPhone 15 Plus Screen Protector 3 Pack

    Best budget-friendly protector

    $8 $10 Save $2

    For the absolutely cheapest possible way to protect your screen, YMHML sells a pack of three tempered glass screen protectors that leave the edges of the iPhone 15 Plus clear for easier case application, and a bundle cover for the back camera glass too.

  • Three lens covers and three screen protectors hovering in front of a box.

    QHOHQ / Pocket-lint

    QHOHQ iPhone 15 Plus Privacy Screen Protector 3 Pack

    Best for privacy

    QHOHQ has a similarly budget-friendly method for protecting the iPhone 15 Plus screen and adding a bit of privacy. This 3 Pack of Privacy Screen Protectors make it so your screen is only visible if you’re looking at it head-on and protects it from scratches and smudges. The only disadvantage is the privacy feature means the screen is overall dimmer than normal.

  • Three glass screen protectors floating in front of a black alignment tool and a blue box.

    Ruwa / Pocket-lint

    Ruwa Screen Protector for iPhone 15 Plus 3 Pack

    Best sturdy screen protector

    The Ruwa Screen Protector is 0.25mm thin and is rated 9H for hardness, which means it should prevent scratches handily. Ruwa also ships the screen protector with a tool to perfectly align it to your phone.

  • Four screen protectors and camera lens covers floating in front of a box.

    IMBZBK / Pocket-lint

    IMBZBK Privacy Screen Protector for iPhone 15 Plus 4 Pack

    Best thin protector

    IMBZBK’s Privacy Screen Protector is only 0.28mm thin and promises a limited viewing angle of 30-degrees so what wild things you’re scrolling through will stay safe and unseen. IMBZBK also ship you four in package in case your first one breaks.

The best Apple iPhone 15 Plus screen protectors: Which one is best for you?

If you’re spending the $899 for Apple’s new iPhone 15 Plus, you deserve that phone to last as long as possible, and unfortunately the best way to do that is to spend a little bit extra to protect its screen. Spigen’s iPhone 15 Plus Screen Protector AlignMaster GLAS.tR has a cumbersome name but a great set of features, including scratch and fingerprint protection. But its most important feature is that Spigen has designed it to be incredibly easy to install.

Of course if you want the cutting edge, Belkin’s new UltraGlass 2 Screen Protector for iPhone 15 Plus is thinner than any of the other options we picked, and likely stronger thanks to its Lithium

Aluminosilicate front glass.

For a cheaper, but still high-quality alternative, Dbrand’s Tempered Glass Screen Protector is a little over half the price of our other top picks, with similar protection to our top pick, and nice polished edges that should look great on a new iPhone 15 Plus.

Do iPhone 14 Plus screen protectors fit on the iPhone 15 Plus?

While Apple has kept the overall iPhone 15 Plus screen size the same at 6.7-inches, the top half of the display is radically different because of the Dynamic Island. That means most iPhone 14 Plus screen protectors just won’t work if they were designed with the notch in mind. For the best fit, buying a screen protector for the iPhone 15 Plus is recommended.

What features should I look for in a screen protector?

Primarily, scratch protection (look for tempered glass, “‘aviation-grade” branding, or hardness ratings like 9H) and fingerprint resistance (look for an oleophobic coating). Outside of that, you should think about what you need your screen protector to do. Screen protectors with privacy options that shade your display when you’re not looking at them exist. You can even find screen protectors that filter blue-light if you think that will help.


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