Thursday, June 13, 2024
Smart Phones

The HomePod of the future may bend and wrap as you see fit

While the latest Apple HomePod boasts about having numerous new functions and features, essentially it looks and feels about the same. Sure, minor quality of life improvements are there and new, major utilities have been introduced, but overall it is essentially a modified version of an already existing product. That isn’t at all to say that the design is bad. After all, it is one of the best smart speakers around. Apple is renowned for its ability to create gadgets with pinnacle design quality. One can only wonder if the HomePod of today is actually the peak of the technology, or are there still ways in which it could be improved?

Well, a new patent submission by Apple, reported on by Apple Insider, might give some insight as to what the trendmaker from Cupertino sees as the smart speaker of tomorrow. And it is, in fact, a speaker that bends to its owner’s will not only in function, but also in form.

Now, before we move on, there is an important note to be made here: this is a patent. This means that Apple has made a claim over the idea and invention, however that doesn’t always indicate intent or imminent production. Sometimes it just boils down to experimentation or bragging rights.

That, however, doesn’t change the fact that the bendy HomePod, described as a “flexible smart speaker” in the document, is truly a gizmo to behold. By the looks of things, it is designed so that it could bend and attach to corners or get crammed into tightly fit spaces through a system of complex hinges. Naturally, no compromise to sound quality is mentioned, which is further testimony to Apple’s everlasting confidence.

The document mentions that the device’s shifting capabilities can not only take advantage of smaller packaging — hopefully foreboding more eco-friendly decisions — but can also be utilized across a wider range of set-ups, like wall-mounted TVs or monitors. Does that mean that the shapeshifting HomePod could latch on to the edge of your TV? No confirmation, but that would certainly be cool.

Overall, this theoretical HomePod of the future is a combination of bendable components, static parts where the actual speakers would be located and a possibly bendable screen too. Now the question is if we’ll see a foldable iPhone before we see a bendable HomePod? We can’t say for sure, but we’d be thrilled to witness both.


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