Thursday, April 18, 2024
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The Japanese and Byzantines are two brand new civilizations coming to Age of Empires 4 with the Sultans Ascend Expansion, each with new perks and strategic possibilities

What you need to know

  • The Sultans Ascend Expansion for Age of Empires IV brings two brand new playable civilizations to the game as well as four variant options. 
  • The Japanese and the Byzantines are the two brand new civs while Zhu Xi’s Legacy, Ayyubids, Jeanne d’Arc, and Order of the Dragon are variants of existing in-game groups. 
  • The Japanese civilization has a Daimyo system, which turns Town Centers into Daimyo Manors and Shogunate Castles (depending on the age players are in) for extra defense and food production.
  • This Sultans Ascend Expansion releases on Nov. 14th and preorders are open.

Today, the official Age of Empires X account (formerly Twitter) posted information about The Japanese civilization that will come to Age of Empires IV with the Sultans Ascend Expansion, which releases on Nov. 14, 2023.  

According to the tweet, “The Japanese civilization introduces the new Daimyo system. Upgrading Town Centers to Daimyo Manors (and later Shogunate Castles) grants powerful defenses and bolsters food production from nearby farms.” This will help make The Japanese civilization a powerful one to play as. 


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