Friday, July 19, 2024

The latest Meta Quest 3 update has made it a lot easier to watch spatial videos and relive your memories

Just as the Vision Pro launches, Meta has started rolling out software update v62 to its Meta Quest 3, Quest Pro, and Quest 2. The new software’s headline feature is it’s now a lot easier to watch your spatial video recordings on Quest hardware – stealing the Vision Pro’s best feature.

You’ve always been able to view 3D spatial video (or stereoscopic video as most people call it) on Quest hardware. And using a slightly awkward workaround you could convert spatial video recordings you’ve made using an iPhone 15 Pro into a Quest-compatible format to watch them in 3D without needing Apple’s $3,500 Vision Pro. But, as we predicted it would, Meta’s made this conversion process a lot simpler with v62.


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