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These iPhone 15 cases will put your device in an air bag

So, you’ve just bought yourself a shiny new iPhone 15. It’s amazing. It does everything you want. It looks great. And ouch, it was expensive. Those last two points are particularly important when it comes to thinking about how you want to protect your new phone. You really don’t want to skimp on safety. The best-case scenario when you drop it or bump it into something is that you only scratch or dent the beautiful exterior. The worst case? You’ve just utterly destroyed your new phone, and now you’re scrambling to remember if you have the proper insurance coverage.

Cue TORRAS, a game changer for your iPhone’s safety. There aren’t many cases on the market that can protect from a reasonable drop of about twelve feet. TORRAS’ cases can, and its iPhone 15 cases feature the equivalent of an airbag built-in. They’re so good at handling a drop that they can even survive falling out of an airplane. Seriously, and we’ll prove that soon. For now, just know that TORRAS cases offer remarkable innovation at peak levels. Before we dive in, TORRAS is offering a 20% discount on new case orders when you use code Trends at checkout.

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TORRAS sells a number of superior iPhone 15 cases, and we adore them. Here’s why you will love them too:

The TORRAS UPRO Ostand SS AirBounce is seemingly indestructible

TORRAS UPRO Ostand SS AirBounce iPhone15 case

The average protective iPhone case is only made to secure your phone if it falls from your desk or slips out of your hands while you’re walking – only helpful in your day-to-day. TORRAS has elevated that protection to new heights, figuratively.

One customer, Michael Hughes, shared his story about how he dropped his iPhone out of an aircraft at 1,700 feet over the New Forest in Hampshire. And, because it was nestled inside a TORRAS case, the phone survived! Even better, it was fully working without a single scratch on it. Michael tracked down his device after he landed using Find My iPhone and was safely reunited with it.

As we said, it’s like having an airbag for your phone. In fact, the TORRAS UPRO Ostand SS AirBounce, includes a visible and protective airbag within the case. It cushions any impact, no matter how volatile, thanks to its network of translucent air cushions. When needed, it puffs out like a vehicle airbag to surround the phone. But more importantly, it’s not just conceptual. It really works – thanks for proving that, Michael!

Alongside that, the TORRAS UPRO Ostand SS AirBounce also offers a fantastic multidirectional round kickstand. Its smooth circular base means you can enjoy versatile viewing angles if you’re watching a show on your phone or taking a video call and don’t want to hold it in your hand the whole time. So long, arm fatigue. Who enjoys doing that anyway, right?

Finally, it includes anti-yellowing technology, so this won’t be a case that gets disgusting over time. Most people who have used a clear or similar case know that they get grimy and yellowish, merely due to normal wear and tear. That’s not so with TORRAS cases; they keep a fresh, like-new look for years.

Fashionable protection you’ll love: The UPRO Ostand SS

TORRAS Ostand SS corner and camera protection

Odds are you’re not worried about dropping your phone out of the case, but you are worried about it dropping a fair distance once in a while. That’s where the UPRO Ostand SS is pretty sweet. The air cushion technology keeps your iPhone’s front and corners safe from impact, with military-grade durability to withstand a drop onto hard surfaces from up to 12 feet away. Reinforced armor plating and a compression frame provide the best level of endurance possible while still looking great. That’s thanks to its soft-touch sandblasted surface, so it’s easier to grip – and it feels nice too. After all, no one wants an ugly-looking case hiding the wonders of their precious iPhone 15.

With the UPRO Ostand SS, you get a truly enhanced experience as it’s fashionable yet raises your phone’s protection to a new height. Imagine traveling the great outdoors, climbing a tall peak, blasting through the mud on a four-wheeler, or biking the countryside on your speedy, powerful ebike. These are all activities that require a decent amount of protection, especially if you drop your iPhone. Just one tumble from your pocket at high speeds or from up high, and that gorgeous yet fragile screen is going to shatter, and you’ll be lucky if the internal hardware survives, too. Unless, of course, you have it snuggled safely inside a TORRAS case. By the way, there are three colors to choose from, black, blue, and Titanium gray.

The UPRO Ostand: Unmatched flexibility and creativity

Packed with everything you could need, the UPRO Ostand is so much more than just protection for your iPhone 15. Granted, we love its military-grade level of drop protection. It can handle a drop of up to 12 feet even if it hits concrete, steel, or other hard surfaces. Thanks to an internal stabilizing system and reinforced corners, you’re in safe, case-based hands here.

However, where the UPRO Ostand gets really cool is its flip-up kickstand. The stand is also available in the UPRO Ostand R, made even better by a 360-degree maneuverable hinge for versatility.  In both cases, the stand allows for multiple angles, so you can adjust it perfectly for taking landscape or portrait shots, as well as group pictures. It saves the need for a selfie stick as you can easily pop it down on any surface to take a great photo. It’s perfect for capturing all your most beloved memories in a safe way. Whether you’re at the beach with your buddies or you’re taking a video call for work, being able to adjust the stand to your desired needs is pretty convenient.

Alongside that, the UPRO Ostand has an ultra-strong Halbach magnet array – rated at 18N, which is twice as powerful as Apple’s MagSafe – for secure wireless charging. We’ve always been impressed by MagSafe, so something more secure is quite extraordinary. The powerful magnet suction capability improves the charging experience, but any time you’re not using it, the magnet neatly flips into the case to save on bulk.

The 360-degree solution with the UPRO Ostand R

UPRO Ostand R

Raising the bar with its rotating grip comes the UPRO Ostand R. It has a 360-degree grip that gives you much wider horizontal viewing angles while also allowing for it to be used in portrait mode. You can easily adjust it to a convenient place for watching shows, taking calls, snapping photos, or anything else you can think of. The kickstand doubles as a grip ring, so it’s good for extended use without causing any joint aches. Its strong magnet adhesion means you can even attach it to a door, refrigerator, or vehicle, giving some extended functionality. You’ll be in awe of what you can accomplish here. It’s just made your iPhone 15 even more useful.

It’s secure, but you can still show off your phone

UPRO Lstand

For another solution, there’s the UPRO Lstand Diamond Clear, which is fully transparent, so you get to see the colorway you paid for. Its high-grade optically clear polymer is shatter-resistant and fingerprint-resistant, too, so it looks clean no matter how much you’re using it.

The sweet thing about the UPRO Lstand Diamond Clear is its integrated stand that ensures you can arrange versatile angles for all your needs. Designed with photography in mind, it has additional stability for when you attach large camera lenses to your phone, making this an essential choice for avid phone photographers. And there’s a military-grade standard of protection, of course! It’s the kind of case stand that shakes up what you expect of your iPhone.

Made for busy professionals: Introducing the UPRO Pstand

TORRAS Pstand case for professionals

Always feel like you’re rushing around, heading to meetings, forever juggling your life with your phone? Oh yes, we get it. With the UPRO Pstand, you have a device that can keep up with you.

It’s outfitted with MagSafe tech, which means it can stay attached to your dash, so you can easily follow your GPS hands-free while traveling. Alternatively, at your desk, you can keep your iPhone 15 upright so you can glance at incoming notifications while you work without lifting a finger from your keyboard. Think of it as your dependable co-pilot helping you fly through your working day while ensuring your phone is charging and, above all, still convenient to use or look at. Of course, the TORRAS touch of class means it’s practical while also feeling tactile and pleasant at the same time.

Right now, TORRAS is offering a 20% discount on new case orders when you use code Trends at checkout. Don’t forget to apply that code if you’re shopping.

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