Tuesday, July 23, 2024

This 3-pack of USB-C cables is cheaper than a cup of coffee right now

If you just bought an iPhone 15, you’ll want to take advantage of this deal.

LISEN USB-C to USB-C Charger Cable 60W 3-Pack

LISEN USB-C to USB-C Charger Cable 60W 3-Pack

LISEN USB-C to USB-C Charger Cable 60W 3-Pack

$6 $10 Save $4

Three 6.6 foot braided USB-C to USB-C cables for this price is ridiculous. With up to 480Mbps transfer speed between two devices, you can charge your phone, upload files, download songs and more. Charging speed is up to 60W Max (20V/3A) with a compatible power plug.

We’re all in on Apple moving away from the Lightning cable to the more universal USB-C connector, but it does mean that we’re going to have to organize the cord drawer again. Losing charging cables is one of the easiest things to do in the modern world, so it’s always smart to stock up on some spares. Two bucks each is a killer deal, so jump on it.

Why should you buy this LISEN USB-C cable 3-pack?

Devices need charging. There’s simply no way around it. USB-C is becoming the industry standard and already works on MacBooks, Samsung devices, many Chromebooks, the newest generation of iPhones and thousands of other devices. The more we embrace this change the less likely we’ll have to deal with electronics that need power through some arcane connector that you can barely remember. There’s a ton of potential in the USB-C format, and data speeds, especially through the new Thunderbolt protocol which has the same physical dimensions, are lightning-fast. So this is a cord style that is probably going to stick around for some time.

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Paying $2 for six feet of USB-C cordage probably makes you think these are dollar store low-quality charges prone to fraying, however, the construction seems quality, featuring sandblasted aluminum on the metal parts and 48-strand woven recycled cotton surrounding the cable itself. Additionally, they’ve been lab tested to withstand over 40000 bends. These cables also come with a 24-month worry-free period and 24/7 customer service from the manufacturer.

Important to remember that the $6 price is only available after you put in the discount code “BHCA97QX” in the shopping cart. Without the code, the three-pack is still under $10 at $8.50, but who doesn’t love a good discount?


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