Thursday, May 30, 2024

This curved Samsung monitor with AMD FreeSync just hit its all-time low price of $110


Samsung CF396 23.5-Inch

$109.99 $189.99 Save $80

This 23.5-inch curved monitor has many features that will make gamers and casual computer users happy. It normally goes for $189.99, but right now, Amazon has it on sale for $109.99. That’s the lowest price this monitor has ever sold for, so this is definitely the time to buy one.

Samsung is known for making quality displays. Whether it be for TVs, phones, or computer monitors, it’s hard to beat a display made by Samsung. Amazon has a 23.5-inch CF396 curved monitor from Samsung for $109.99. It normally sells for $189.99, which means you’ll get an $80 discount if you buy it. That’s the lowest price ever offered on this monitor. It’s currently lower than Prime Day, Black Friday, and all of the other major shopping holidays, making this a must-buy for anyone in the market for a new computer monitor.

What you should buy the Samsung 23.5” CF396 curved monitor

Aside from the 42 per cent discount, this monitor is worth a look for many reasons. First, it features AMD FreeSync, which is designed to create smooth images, even during the fastest-moving gaming scenes. It minimizes input latency, almost completely eliminates image tearing, and removes stuttering. Basically, it makes anything that moves quickly on the monitor look more natural.

To go along with FreeSync, the monitor has a fast 4ms response rate, which displays the fastest on-screen motion clearly and smoothly with less blur. For gamers, a 4ms monitor is almost a necessity nowadays, so being able to snag a good-sized one for this cheap is great.

You get a 3000:1 contrast ratio that promises deep blacks and bright whites, which is important for gaming. You want to see the games as the developers and artists intended, and a good monitor like the CF396 will make that happen.

The curved monitor is also very thin, measuring less than 0.5 inches thick, so it’ll look sleek on your desk. Add that to the bold curved design (which also helps immerse you in your games and other content), and you have a monitor that’ll draw attention because of its performance and looks.


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