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This Deal Gets You a Free iPad When You Buy an iPhone 14

The iPhone 14 Plus's main Home screen.
Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

How does a free iPhone 14 sound? What about a free iPad (9th Gen) to sweeten the deal? Even some of the best Apple deals and iPhone deals floating around don’t offer something so awesome. But that’s exactly what Verizon is offering new customers for signing up with its network when securing a new data service plan. If you switch from another carrier you can even get a $200 credit. Since the iPhone 14 is priced at about $899, and the iPad is about $460 at Verizon, you’re getting over $1500 in promotions by taking advantage of this offer. That’s pure insanity. Act soon though, because the deal isn’t going to last forever — they never do.

While it was declared “awkwardly brilliant” in Digital Trends’ iPhone 14 Plus review, the titular smartphone was praised for its large, vibrant, and detailed display, excellent two-day battery life, and easy to use experience. The camera upgrade is also mentioned enabling beautiful everyday snapshots for your favorite social network updates or just your personal media library. It takes the iPhone you know and love and makes it bigger.

As for the iPad you get with the deal, our iPad (9th Gen) review lays out a lot of similar benefits. It delivers fantastic battery life, even during regular use, powerful internals for apps, games, and media, and a big upgrade to the front-facing camera — if you’re the type of person snapping shots with your iPad. But also, you get amazing software support, and the base storage for the cheaper variants is much more acceptable, starting at 64GB, so you have more storage space.

Both devices are excellent choices if you’re upgrading or just not getting into Apple’s iOS ecosystem, and this Verizon deal is really just the icing on the cake. It’s the perfect opportunity to get both for a great price and that price is free. What more could you ask for really?

What’s the catch? There is none, but you do have to be a new customer and you have to sign up for a data plan with both devices to get them free. Other than that, they’re all yours, and you’re not going to find a deal this good anywhere else. Not to mention, if you’re switching over to Verizon from another carrier you’ll get $200 on top of everything. Hurry though, we’re not sure how long these devices will be in stock, or how long the deal will be available. It’s a doozy.

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