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This fascinating Instagram account shares things you didn’t know existed

It’s hard to keep up with everything that happens in the world, but this Instagram account is helping spread the knowledge.

Yup That Exists shares images and info on weird and wonderful things, people and places from around the world. We’ve collected some of our favourites below, but we’d highly recommend checking out the Instagram and TikTok accounts to see more.


Light up traffic lights

Traffic lights

There are some traffic likes in India that are truly terrific. Rather than just having the lights on a pole, the entire pole lights up so people can easily see when the lights have changed. No honking necessary.

Wooden Rolls Royce

Wooden rolls royce


If you love something but can’t afford it, then you’ll have to adapt to overcome. In this case, a talented woodworker used their skills to craft a wooden, yet functional replica of a Rolls Royce that would otherwise cost $28 million.

Road safetyDeer saftey

An interesting idea for road (and animal) safety. The reflective paint should stop there being as many accidents involving deer in future. The results are quite terrifying too though.

Star Wars Tamagotchi

star wars


If you’re old enough to remember Tamagotchi and you’re a Star Wars fan, then you’re bound to appreciate this one.

It comes complete with R2-D2’s colours and looks amazing.

Shipping container houses

shipping container house


This one architect group has been creating rather neat-looking houses out of shipping containers. A good way to reuse them?

“London-based designer James Whitaker has created one of the coolest-looking houses in Joshua Tree, California. The house is made from real shipping containers and includes all of your standard amenities including a living room, en-suites, a kitchen, and bathrooms.”

Exercise at McDonald’s

Mcdonalds exercise machine


China apparently has an interesting take on eating and burning calories. In some McDonald’s restaurants, there are exercise bikes built into the tables so you can eat and burn off the calories at the same time.

Earth’s Black Box

earths black box

One company is working on a Black Box for our home planet that’s designed to record data on our world and the state of the environment so that it can be seen by future generations. The idea being they can see what went wrong and avoid making the same mistakes.

Personal Aerial Vehicle

personal vehcile

Aerospace company Jetson has been working on creating personal electrical aerial vehicles. So you’ll soon be able to take to the skies. As Yup That Exists notes, it looks similar to the speeder bike from Star Wars fame.


worlds first moped

For the most affectionate of pet owners, there’s a company that’s crafted a moped with a cage that you can pop your favourite furry friend into. Ideal if they like to go on adventures with you.

Shelters for the homeless

solar powered pods

In Germany, one city is caring for its homeless with dedicated sleep pods. Those pods are designed to provide warmth and shelter for those in need. They also have communication built into them so social workers can be reached if needed.

A smart Fisher-Price phone

fisher price phone

Do you remember playing with this Fisher-Price phone as a child? Or perhaps you’ve bought one for your own children at some point. Recently the company developed a version suitable for an adult that allows Bluetooth calls to the phone from a nearby smartphone.

Drone halos

Drone halos


Photographer Will Ferguson has been using lit-up drones to paint in the sky for some very impressive photographs. Here he’s used them to create halos in the sky. If you didn’t know what was happening you might mistake these images for UFOs.

VHS tape trainers

VHS trainers


Now you can show your age with these trainers that are styled with VHS style branding and come complete with a VHS box too. Lucky you don’t need to rewind them before wearing them.

Shoes for the blind

shoes for the blind


We approve of any tech idea that makes people’s lives easier. Doubly so when it’s assisting those who are less physically able. These shoes have sensors to help the visually impaired detect obstacles while they’re walking.

Canned air

canned air


One company is selling canned air from various places around the world. If you’re away from home, now you can breathe that fresh city air straight from a paint can.

Realistic helmets

Realistic helmets


If you don’t like the idea of wearing a helmet because it might mess up your hair, then worry no more.

3D printed ultrasounds

3d Ultrasounds


We’re not sure how we feel about this one but we can understand parents to be appreciating it. Doctors in Brazil are using 3D printing techniques to produce three-dimensional representations of the baby.

Face licking phone

Face licking phone


Ever wished your phone was a bit smarter or at least a bit more friendly? These students apparently did because they’ve made a phone that’ll lick your face. We suggest watching the video on this post if you want to be terrified.

The Great Wave in Lego

Lego art


Here the famous Great Wave painting has been re-created using 50,000 Lego bricks. Painstaking patience and 400 hours of work went into this and the result is pretty fantastic.

Pinhole camera

Pinehole camera


This image was taken by a pinhole camera made using a beer can. It was created then forgotten about for eight years. It shows the rise and fall of the sun and shows 2,954 trails through the sky as a result.

Late train certificates

Late train


In Japan, they treat lateness as a serious business and if you’re a passenger, you have the right to expect more from the service. These late certificates will help you out if you get in trouble for being late for work or school as a result.


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