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This is not a trick: Save up to $300 when buying a brand new Galaxy S23

Now that the Samsung Galaxy S23 trio has already been launched, the next step is knowing when you can buy one or find where the best deals reside out there. Amazon’s preorder sale for the Galaxy S23 where you can save up to $300 is one of the cheapest ways you can own a brand-new Samsung Android flagship phone. Here’s how to claim it.

Like Samsung’s online store, Amazon is also running its own special promo for those who will preorder the Galaxy S23 (Plus) or Galaxy S23 Ultra. Instead of getting Samsung credits, the retail giant is giving away gift cards worth up to $100 that you can use for later purchases. But the cherry on the pie from these deals is the free storage upgrade that ranges between $100 to $200.

While you’re learning where the $300 savings are coming from, it’s time to uncover when the preorder period will last. Presumably, starting today until February 17th where shipping should begin, all orders will be eligible for credit. We’re unsure if this will be extended by Amazon. Likewise, the two-week running time is more than sufficient for you to decide.

Save up to $150 for the Samsung Galaxy S23

The smallest but capable model, which is the Galaxy S23 (review), starts at $799. But opting early will fetch you $50 Amazon Gift Card and a storage upgrade amounting to $100. This means you will be receiving the 8/256GB with faster UFS 4.0 storage as opposed to the 8/128GB that has slower type of storage.

Samsung Galaxy S23, S23 Plus, S23 Ultra comparison
Samsung Galaxy S23, S23 Plus, and S23 Ultra size and display comparison / © NextPit

In addition to the faster type of memory, Samsung’s Galaxy S23 also ships with a larger vapor chamber cooling system. Crucially, the improvement keeps the phone stable and cool even while playing triple-A games or those titles that are graphically intensive. More than this, the device should zip past any flagship competitor, thanks to the overclocked Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset.

How to save $300 when preordering the Galaxy S23+ or S23 Ultra

Amazon will give you more savings when buying the Galaxy S23 Plus. If you preorder right now, the variant you will be getting is the 512GB option priced for $999, which will return to $1199 after the promo. Ultimately, this saves you $200 right off the bat excluding the $100 Amazon Gift Card.

If you prefer Samsung’s greatest and most impressive flagship, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is available for $1199 with 512GB storage. The total take away is $280 including the $180 price difference to the storage variant and $100 gift card.

Are you upgrading to any of the Galaxy S23 model this year? Which one are you picking? We’d love to hear your answers in the comment section.


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