Saturday, July 13, 2024

This Philips 16B1P3302D portable monitor can charge your laptop

The monitor has two USB-C ports and a foldable stand.


Philips has announced a new monitor that’s portable yet promises to also be the centre of your laptop charging setup.

The Philips 16B1P3302D might not have the snazziest of names, but what it lacks in branding it certainly makes up in other ways.

The first of those ways is the sheer coolness of the thing. The 16B1P3302D is an almost 16-inch display that’s about as portable as anything that size has any right to be. It has a 1080p resolution and features a LowBlue Mode, designed to reduce flickering and make for an improved viewing experience. It’s supposed to help with eye strain but it’s difficult to confirm until we see the thing in person.


Next up is the EasyRead mode that lets you pick the monitor up and use it a bit like a Kindle. We’re not sure many people will want to lug around something this big just so they can read the paper more easily, but who knows.

That EasyRead mode is only made possible thanks to another cool feature -the foldable stand. When used in the unfolded position it acts as any other kickstand, giving the monitor a way to keep itself upright when placed on a desk or table. But it also folds right back on itself which makes for ultra-portable hotness.

But wait, there’s more. The 16B1P3302D has two USB-C ports. One can be used as a power source that will accept up to 90W via USB-C Power Delivery 3.0. But the other port can also output that power to the tune of 65W, meaning it’ll charge a ton of USB-C-capable machines including all but the 16-inch version of Apple’s notebooks.

That all sounds pretty good, we’re sure you’ll agree. And if the 16B1P3302D is something you want to add to your everyday carry, you can – it’s available to buy in the UK from March 2023 and is priced at £239.99.


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