Monday, June 24, 2024
Smart Phones

TIDAL is one of the first major music streaming services to launch this feature

TIDAL is making it much easier to share music with your friends. The streaming service sneakily pushed out an update that makes it possible to share universal links with people who use different music streaming services.

A new update released on March 26 introduces this specific feature that’s been confirmed to work with multiple music streaming services, including Apple Music and Spotify (via Reddit). Here is an excerpt from the changelog:

Unfortunately, TIDAL doesn’t mention what streaming services are compatible with its universal links, but it does promise to add more in the coming weeks. This is specifically the case for music streaming platforms that aren’t that popular, so if you’re using Apple Music, Spotify or YouTube Music, you shouldn’t have any issues.

As one of the Redditors points out, you might have to restart the app after updating to the latest version in order for the ability to share universal links to show up. TIDAL is the first and only major streaming service to offer this customer-oriented feature, so let’s hope that the others will follow soon.


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