Sunday, July 21, 2024
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TikTok Series is a new way for you to make money on the app

There are already a handful of ways for content creators to make money using TikTok, but now the app is adding a brand new way for creators to monetize their content with the newly introduced TikTok Series.

Announced today in a TikTok blog post, Series are the same types of videos you’d normally find on the app, but they are hidden behind a paywall that individual creators can set. This means that delivering premium content on TikTok is easier than ever before for both creators and their audiences.

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Creators can make individual videos into Series or group up to 80 videos together in a playlist that’s able to be purchased in a single transaction. As TikTok is quick to point out, Series content is generally the same as what is available for free, which means it must follow the app’s community guidelines. The only difference is that Series content can be up to 20 minutes long, which is a first for long-form content on the app.

In practice, Series content will be able to be purchased directly through exclusive video content that appears on a user’s feed or through a Series creator’s profile. Creators will set their own prices for their exclusive Series content so that they can “best reflect the value of their exclusive content.”

With Series, TikTok aims to give its creators new ways to tell their stories and connect with their audience, all while getting direct support from them. Currently, Series is only available to a small handful of select creators. However, applications to join the program will be available for those looking for more monetization options in the coming months. According to TikTok, it’s going to use the early stages of Series’ launch to “listen closely to [its] community for feedback” and may potentially alter the experience so that it best fits the platform and its creators.

Because it’ll still be some time before Series content is available to all TikTok creators, there won’t be a major shift in the way that content creators monetize their work. However, depending on how long it takes for Series to get properly established within the community, all of that could change soon.

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