Thursday, May 30, 2024
Smart Phones

Tipster says the star of the Q1 Samsung Unpacked event will not be a Galaxy S24 phone

Samsung’s next Unpacked event should take place in the first quarter of 2024 when it is expected to introduce the Galaxy S24 line. To narrow it down even more, the event will probably take place in January. According to tipster Ice Universe, who posted on the Chinese social media site Weibo, the Galaxy Ring will not only be unveiled during the Q1 Unpacked event, but “the smart ring will be a star product” (translated via Google Translate). That says a lot considering the Galaxy S24 Ultra will also be announced at the same time.
Even if Samsung introduces the world to its Galaxy Ring, depending on the health features that the ring will offer, it is possible that the release of the product could be delayed as Samsung tries to obtain approvals from regulatory agencies in various countries that will have to sign off on the health-related sensors used by the ring.
Back in July, we told you that Samsung was planning to decide as early as last month whether it would put the smart ring into mass production. You might ask yourself why you would need a ring to obtain readings related to certain health metrics when the Galaxy Watch can do the same thing? The answer is that the smart ring can provide more precise data because of the tighter fit on the user’s finger.
If the Galaxy Ring is launched, it would compete with the smart rings already offered by Oura and help expand the market for another type of wearable. We can’t see smart rings competing with smartwatches since the latter offers many features that a ring can’t, including the ability to make and take phone calls. What we might see are consumers who already own a smartwatch buying the ring and simply adding another piece of “connected jewelry” that does more than just look nice.


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