Monday, June 24, 2024
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Top deal on the Razr (2023) with a pair of premium Bose earbuds as a gift awaits your attention

If you thought life just couldn’t get any better, wait until you find out about this deal. is now offering a killer deal on the most affordable clamshell foldable phone on the market, the Razr (2023), which, frankly, is way too good to pass up. The official store is selling this puppy at a spicy $150 off its price tag, but that’s not all! You also get the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II as a gift. Now, given that these earbuds are by no means cheap, for they cost some $299.99, we say kudos to Motorola for knowing just how to entice us techies. If you agree, we suggest you take advantage while the fantastic deal is still live.

The merchant has previously offered the Razr (2023) at $200 off or at its standard price, but with the Bose earbuds included as a gift. In other words, now that you can get both a hefty discount and these awesome earbuds as a gift, you’re definitely in for loads of savings!

As we’ve said in our review, this bad boy is pretty neat. The Razr features an almost creaseless 6.9-inch pOLED LTPO display, with refresh rates reaching all the way up to 144Hz. Color-accurate and with an impressive peak brightness of 1,015 nits, the main panel gives you crisp and vivid imagery. On the cover, you also have a 1.5-inch AMOLED screen.

Performance-wise, this puppy might not be a knight in shining armor, but it’s still plenty good for its price bracket. The Razr gets its horsepower from the Snapdragon 7 Gen 1, delivering rather zippy performance.

There’s also a decent camera setup, consisting of a 64MP wide and a 12MP ultra-wide shooter, plus a 32MP selfie snapper. Additionally, Motorola somehow packed a rather big battery with a 4,200mAh capacity inside its Razr, so the device lasts much longer than the Z Flip 5 between charges.

Overall, Motorola’s clamshell foldable is a great phone that’s now much more affordable through this jaw-dropping Motorola offer. Don’t forget that the official store is also throwing in the fantastic Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II to sweeten the pot. These earbuds stand out with great ANC, long battery life, personalized sound, and should be quite comfortable to wear.


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