Thursday, April 18, 2024

Twitter Blue comes to Android but it’s still a bad deal

Twitter has finally rolled its Twitter Blue subscription service out to its Android app.

Twitter has now finally rolled out its Twitter Blue subscription service to people who own Android phones. Previously, people could only sign up for Twitter Blue using an iPhone or the company’s website.

Twitter Blue was revamped and relaunched shortly after current owner and CEO Elon Musk took over the social network in late 2022 and despite tweaks, it still isn’t a very compelling deal. And it isn’t particularly like Android owners were missing out on too much before today.


Twitter Blue currently gives subscribers a blue verification checkmark as well as the ability to upload longer videos to the service. Twitter also promises to show 50% fewer ads to Twitter Blue subscribers, while there is also the promise of priority status in conversations and replies. There is currently no indication of when that will actually go live, however.

All of this obviously costs money, though. Twitter Blue is available for $11 / £11 when paid monthly and via the App Store or Google Play Store. But if you sign up via Twitter’s website you pay less – $8 / $8 – because Twitter won’t have to give a cut of each sale to Apple or Google.

Things get a little cheaper if you pay annually, however. Musk will sell you a year of Twitter Blue for $84 / £84 if you’re willing to cough up the money right here and right now, but it’s impossible to know whether that’s actually the way things will stay. As TechCrunch notes, the rate at which Musk changes things at Twitter means it’s impossible to have any confidence that the current list of features won’t be changed or reduced as time rolls on.

In short, if you pay for a year of a specific feature today, will that feature still be part of Twitter Blue in 11 months? Will it even exist at all, for that matter?

We’re not sure we’d want to put any money on that. And we’re definitely not sure about putting $84 or £84 on it.


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