Thursday, April 18, 2024

Twitter makes it easier to bookmark tweets you don’t want to favourite

Twitter’s bookmarking feature has been tweaked to make it possible to bookmark a tweet right from its details page.

Akshar Dave on Unsplash

Twitter has tweaked the way bookmarks work to make it easier and quicker to bookmark a tweet for later reading.

The ability to bookmark a tweet isn’t a new addition for Twitter, but what’s now changed is a tweak to how it actually happens.

Previously, marking a tweet as bookmarked required opening the share menu and then selecting a bookmarking option. However, this new change means that a bookmark button can be found within the tweet’s details page – the same place you’d find buttons to add it as a favourite, for example.


While many people already use the favouriting feature as a way to save tweets for later, the bookmarking option has one key benefit. Any tweet that a user likes is visible to the public and might even appear in the algorithmic timeline of other people. That might not be the behaviour that some people want, and it isn’t a consideration when using bookmarks.

Twitter’s support team also points out that Twitter Blue subscribers benefit from the ability to save them directly to a folder by “holding down the new flag icon.”

Twitter Blue itself has gone through various changes since Elon Musk took over the company following a $44 billion buyout. It now includes a paid-for blue checkmark, while Twitter also says that subscribers will see 50% fewer ads than those who don’t hand over any cash.

While this new feature is a positive change, Twitter has been in the news for much more negative reasons of late. The company last week silently blocked third-party apps, before creating a whole new developer rule to explain the move away.


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