Friday, June 21, 2024

Twitter’s algorithmic timeline is coming for you, especially on iPhone

Twitter has made its algorithmic timeline the default on iPhone.

Twitter has updated the way its iPhone app works, making the algorithmic timeline the default whether you want it or not.

The change, which inexplicably hasn’t yet gone live for those using Android devices, means that every time the Twitter app is opened people will see the timeline as Twitter wants them to see it.

The previous sparkly logo that allowed users to switch between the algorithmic timeline and one showing tweets from the people they follow is now gone as part of the change, too. Instead, a new two-tabbed system has been employed – “For you” (the default, algorithmic timeline) and “Following” (tweets from accounts that are followed) – have replaced it.


In a change that might actually be an improvement for those using the official Twitter app, users can now quickly switch between the views by swiping. Which is good news because they’re going to be doing that a lot if they want to see tweets from the accounts that they follow.

Somewhat predictably, the change hasn’t gone down well with Twitter users. Many argue that the new interface isn’t actually all that bad, but that the default should be to only show tweets from followed accounts and not the feed Twitter’s algorithm thinks they should see.

It’s all a far cry from when Twitter only showed users a reverse chronological timeline of their feed, although that remains all they see if using a third-party app rather than the one Twitter owns. And while this change only appears to have taken place on iOS so far we can surely expect it to roll out to Android-based phones soon enough.

This change is just the latest to alienate Twitter’s users following the $44 billion buyout of Twitter by Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Other changes include changing how the Verified system works and firing half of the company’s staff.


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