Thursday, May 30, 2024
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Video-streaming platform Twitch gets a big social media feature: Stories

The live-streaming gaming platform Twitch is now getting a very popular social media feature, reports Pocket-lint. We’re talking about stories, which is something that usually social media have.

Twitch is getting Stories

The mobile app is now going to be receiving the update with the new feature, and the news was announced in a Twitch blog post. Stories were first introduced on Snapchat and have since been adopted by a large number of social media apps, including Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and others. For the Stories on Twitch, everything is pretty similar to what we’re used to from other platforms. Creators can add images, text, posts, and live-stream clips to their Stories. The Story will be visible for 48 hours and then it will disappear.

This new feature will make it possible for streamers to give quick updates to their followers directly on Twitch. This makes it easier for followers and streamers to get and give updates without needing to go off to another platform to do so.

In the beginning, the new feature will be available to Twitch partners and affiliates that have streamed in the last 30 days, so pretty much only established creators will get to use the feature first. Streamers with over 30 subs will also be able to create subscriber-only Stories.

Initially, creators will be able to add text and emojis to their images and clips in Stories, but more functions will be added later (including the ability to upload videos, edit clips, tag other Twitch users, and even polls).


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