Monday, June 24, 2024
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Vivo S17 Series Boasts The Most Lights On A Smartphone

Vivo S17 Series Camera Features

Vivo, a leading smartphone manufacturer, is set to release its highly anticipated Vivo S17 Series on the 31st. As the official warm-up continues, Vivo has unveiled the configuration parameters of the lenses, revealing a host of impressive camera features that are bound to excite photography enthusiasts.

One standout feature of the Vivo S17 Series is the introduction of a new rear soft light ring. Unlike conventional flash designs, this innovative addition allows users to adjust the warm and cold color temperatures, offering greater control over lighting conditions. This feature proves to be particularly useful for portrait photography, as the art of capturing stunning images heavily relies on the skillful manipulation of light.

Vivo S17 Series Camera Features

The Vivo S17 Pro, in particular, boasts an impressive camera setup. It comes equipped with a 50MP IMX766V super-sensing spectrum main camera, ensuring exceptional image quality. Additionally, the device features a 12MP IMX663 2X professional portrait center focus lens, enabling users to capture stunning portraits with ease. The soft light ring on the rear camera automatically recognizes the ambient light and adjusts the color temperature accordingly, ensuring optimal lighting conditions for every shot.

Vivo S17 Series Camera Features

On the front, the Vivo S17 Series doesn’t disappoint either. It offers a 50-megapixel wide-angle lens with an f/2.0 large aperture, allowing for breathtaking selfies. Moreover, the front camera is complemented by two soft light sources, making it the most well-equipped smartphone in terms of lighting options.

Under the hood, the Vivo S17 Series is powered by the MediaTek Dimensity 8200 processor. This processor represents a significant improvement over its predecessor, the Dimensity 8100, providing enhanced performance and efficiency.



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