Friday, April 19, 2024
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Vote now: Which smartphone brand/series would you bring back?

It’s mainly Samsung and Apple nowadays, but not that long ago, we used to have a healthy variety of brands and phone series to choose from. Do you remember the Sony Ericsson days? Nokia once ruled the early smartphone market, and if we look just a few years back in time, we will find LG with all kinds of interesting devices.Then there’s the case of BlackBerry, and let’s not forget HTC. The former suffered a painful and agonizing slow demise, while the latter is still on life support, but for all intents and purposes, we should count it as gone.

The Lumia series and the Microsoft takeover of Nokia were another turning point in smartphone history. Many people still remember these phones fondly, not just as pure hardware but as software and features as well.

Samsung axed the Galaxy Note series and replaced it with the Ultra, but for many people, this new series is but a pale shadow of the original Note. Some of you might remember the Moto DROID lineup; at one point in time, it was THE premium series to get.

So, it’s time to walk down memory lane once again and remember the good old times. If you had the almighty power to snap your fingers and resurrect one brand or series, which one would it be? Vote in our poll and share your nostalgic stories in the comment section below.

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