Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Watch MKBHD unbox a sealed OG iPhone after winning $40,000 auction [Video]

Over the last several months, we’ve seen a handful of sealed first-generation iPhones go up for auction. In February, one such device sold for a record-setting $63,000. This was followed by another auction in April, which saw a sealed original iPhone with a “Lucky You” sticker on the packaging sell for $40,320.

As it turns out, that buyer was none other than Marques Brownlee – MKBHD.

In a new video posted today, Marques reveals that he purchased that sealed original iPhone earlier this month for that $40,320 price tag. This was actually at the very bottom end of the auction house’s threshold, which was between $40,000 and $60,000.

The video is a wonderful trip down memory lane as Marques breaks open the shrink wrap and unboxes the iPhone and its accessories, just as a buyer back in 2007 would have. In addition to the iPhone itself, you get to see the original manuals, the included 30-pin charging dock, the “iPhone” embossed cleaning cloth, and more.

Marques points out that other buyers have been scammed in the past by purchasing “sealed” original iPhones that were actually repackaged and resealed used devices. After unboxing the iPhone and doing some follow-up research, however, MKBHD believes that this one is the real deal.

As for that “Lucky You” sticker, Marques says on Twitter he got confirmation from Apple that it was “used by some Apple retail stores back in 2007, sometimes around gift purchases.” 9to5Mac also wrote about this “Lucky You” sticker back in 2021.

Check out the unboxing below to see the full thing (including the massive crate in which the box was delivered). It’s a pretty incredible video.

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