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Ways You Can Keep Your Smartphone Safe

Ways You Can Keep Your Smartphone Safe

In 2021, smartphones have become a key tool essential for everyday life and communicating with other human beings. Gone are the traditional days of writing letters to each other and landline telephone calls, the digital age is here and it’s very much here to stay. Being so crucial to our daily lives, our smartphones often hold important valuable private information that we don’t ever want to fall into the wrong hands. There are various measures you can take to protect your smartphone and keep the data stored on it safe and secure.

We have come up with a guide outlining some of the different ways you can keep your smartphone safe in 2021.

Use a Passcode/Keylock to Restrict Access to Your Smartphone

Failing to set up passcodes to access your smartphone will mean that should your phone be lost, stolen, or left unattended, anybody who finds it will then have free unrestricted access to your phone and all of the data and information stored on it. So, not having password security and PIN codes could lead to your private data being stolen and used by someone else without your permission. If your smartphone holds important private information such as your personal banking details, it’s essential to make sure you have password security in place to avoid someone easily accessing your account and stealing your money. Not having password protection to access your smartphone could result in you frustratingly losing a lot of your money.

Back Up Your Smartphone to an External Hard Drive

When considering what you can do to avoid losing data stored on your iPhone, take a look at Setapp’s useful guide on  how to save iPhone backup to external hard drive.  Don’t clog up your mac with all your phone’s messages, photos, videos and so on, and move your phone’s backup safely to an external drive. Connect a USB external hard drive to your mac and move the files that you want to be backed up to it. You may even want to drag an entire backup folder to the external hard drive. After doing this, take care of your external hard drive and be sure not to lose it and risk not having those precious photos, videos, and messages that provide you with priceless memories of good times.

Stay One Step Ahead and Set Your Bluetooth to Non-discoverable Mode So Hackers Are Unable to Gain Access to Your Smartphone

Successfully hacking a smartphone’s Bluetooth can mean that hackers are easily able to access a smartphone remotely and then use it to make calls, access data, and even listen in on your private conversations. To prevent hackers from being able to find and access your smartphone, you should set the Bluetooth configuration on your smartphone to non-discoverable mode by default. Having your smartphone set on non-discoverable mode will mean that it will not pop up on the list of devices when hackers go searching for potential targets and devices which they can gain access to.

Get a Screen Protector and a Phone Case to Protect Your Smartphone from Damage

It’s a modern classic, moments after getting a top-notch smartphone equipped with all the latest gadgets you manage to drop it on the floor and smash the screen. Unfortunately, smartphones are operated by touch screens, and they often have sensitive screens which can smash very easily. So, it’s crucial to make a small investment in getting a screen protector and phone case to make sure your phone stays in full working order and stays resistant to any physical damage.

Install Reliable Security Software on Your Smartphone Device

Protect your smartphones by installing security software that has been especially designed to address issues unique to your handset. Security software can help you to lock your phone remotely or show its location by using GPS if it has been lost or stolen.

Setting Up Alerts and Loud Noises Are a Way to Help You Find Your Lost Smartphone

We have all been there, when you spend hours looking for your phone only to discover it was under the sofa cushion the whole time. To avoid losing your phone in the house and spending all day frantically searching for it, you may be able to set up a loud alert to help you locate your phone quickly. Losing your phone is always stressful but setting up loud alerts should allow you to find it in no time.

You May Decide to Erase Your Phone’s Data Remotely If Your Phone Has Been Lost or Stolen

If your phone has been lost or stolen and you understand that it’s got into the wrong hands, you may even be best off erasing all its sensitive data remotely as a precaution. Failing to erase your phone’s data in time may mean that thieves and fraudsters then have easy access to your private details stored on your phone.

Be Careful with the Apps You Choose to Download

Some apps are risky and full of viruses and malware that will pose a threat to the security of personal information and data stored on your smartphone. Be mindful about the features of your phone that an application is trying to gain access to. It’s much safer and less risky to download applications from official channels.

Always Make Sure That You are Street Smart When You Go Out with Your Smartphone

The latest brand-new smartphones such as the iPhone 12 and the Samsung Galaxy S10 Ultra are worth hundreds of pounds and can be costly to replace when lost or stolen. Therefore, when going out and spending time in highly congested busy places where there are tons of bustling people, such as in city centres or on public transport, you should be wary at all times of where your smartphone is. You definitely should never leave your smartphone unattended; opportunist thieves will only be too willing to swoop in and take advantage of the situation and your relaxed approach to your smartphone.

So, by taking these essential little steps, you can keep your smartphone in full working order and keep your personal data and information safe.

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