Tuesday, June 25, 2024

What is Google Bard? Everything you need to know about the AI

Google Bard has hung up its virtual quill, in case you hadn’t realized. The ‘large language model’ AI was first revealed by Google back in February 2023 – in a scramble to compete with Microsoft’s ChatGPT-powered Bing, which had just been launched at the time – but now, Bard no longer exists.

Bard has been superseded by Google’s new AI, Gemini. In fact, Gemini replaces both Bard and Duet AI (the latter was essentially the rival to Copilot Pro in Google Workspace). Now Gemini houses all this technology (and much more) under one very different and more all-encompassing umbrella.

Therefore, there is no latest news for Bard, obviously enough, but you can still peruse this article as an archive of knowledge on the AI that was. Read on below to get a flavor for exactly what Bard did for us in the past, but for all the latest developments with Google’s AI replacement, head here to get the full lowdown on Gemini.

The Google Bard chatbot answering a question on a computer screen

(Image credit: Google)

What was Google Bard?


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