Tuesday, June 25, 2024

What you get for the $20 monthly subscription fee

OpenAI has introduced ChatGPT Plus, a paid version of its AI chatbot. Here’s how much it costs and what it includes and how to join the waitlist.

OpenAI has introduced a paid version of its popular ChatGPT AI chatbot. Although the basic service will still be accessible for free, for those seeking additional benefits such as priority access during peak hours, swifter response times, and more, the ChatGPT Plus subscription plan is launching soon. Here’s what you need to know about this new offering.


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What is ChatGPT Plus and what does it include?

In February 2023, OpenAI announced ChatGPT Plus. It’s a subscription plan for ChatGPT that unlocks a range of benefits to subscribers, including priority access to the AI chatbot (even during peak times), faster response times, and first dibs on trying new features and improvements. It’s basically for those who want a more reliable, efficient ChatGPT experience. For instance, OpenAI is hoping to make the service more accessible to a wide range of users, including students and businesses, who may need a reliable AI tool to generate text.

How much does ChatGPT Plus cost?

ChatGPT Plus is priced at $20 per month. That’s not a bad price when you consider OpenAI was rumoured to be considering a monthly fee of $42 for its paid offering.

ChatGPT Plus


Can you still use ChatGPT for free?

Yes. OpenAI plans to continue providing free access to the standard ChatGPT service. It said paid users will “help support free access availability to as many people as possible”.

What is ChatGPT and how does it work?

ChatGPT is an AI-powered chatbot developed by San Francisco-based research lab OpenAI. It is designed to respond to your prompts and questions with human-like responses. It can also write essays, solve math problems, and even do fun things like tell you how to flush a toilet step by step in the style of Dolly Parton’s voice if you ask it. The chatbot uses machine learning and language processing to understand and respond to you in real time. Because it’s free and easy to use, ChatGPT has exploded since launching in late 2022.

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When will ChatGPT Plus be available?

ChatGPT Plus is launching “soon” in the US. You can join a waitlist now to sign up for the paid service. OpenAI said it plans to expand ChatGPT Plus to other countries in the future.

How to join the ChatGPT Plus waitlist

To join the ChatGPT Plus waitlist, add your info to this form. OpenAI will notify you in the coming weeks when it’s available and provide you with instructions on how to subscribe.


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