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Why Letterboxd is the perfect app for movie lovers

Key Takeaways

  • With Letterboxd, you can keep a movie log with ratings.
  • You can also organize watchlists easily, follow friends, see reviews, and more.
  • It’s the perfect social app for film buffs, but also, it’s a great movie discovery tool.

As a film lover, I have seen a lot of movies. Letterboxd has been my best friend in keeping track of what I’ve watched and my opinions on each movie. It’s a social platform — available on the App Store and on desktop — that allows you to keep a log of every movie you watch, when it was watched, and, if you opt to do so, what your rating and review of each movie was.

All this information can be found in the “Diary” section of your profile.


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1 Make movie watchlists

Never forget a movie again


Letterboxd lets you easily add any movie you want to see to a watchlist. Before I used the app, I had scribbled movie recommendations on napkins or receipts or kept various lists in my notes app, never to be looked at again. This feature compiles all the films you’re dying to see in one place, and once you’re done, you’re also able to click a heart icon to add it to your list of “liked” movies. You can even organize your Watchlist based on when you added the films, when they were released, their popularity over a period of time, highest rated, and more.


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2 Organize your movies

Rankings, genres, and everything else


Letterboxd lets you create lists for whatever genre, vibe, ranking, or any other theme you want to compile movies into. I’ve used this feature to make lists for things like ranking Marvel movies best to worst and putting all 45 of my favorite movies in the same place.

You can also search and find other users’ lists. Whether you’re looking to watch something with a woman power theme, classic Christmas movies, or comedy movies from 2004, there’s a Letterboxd list for it. Users can create lists of movies for any topic. I’ve used other users’ lists to find old Halloween movies that I have yet to watch or see how other people rank Marvel movies.


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3 See what your friends think

Follow friends and see their top picks


Although you’re able to make certain features on your profile private, my favorite part of the platform is seeing what my friends are watching and how they’re reviewing things. Just like any other social media app, you’re able to follow friends and see what they post on Letterboxd. When you search for a movie on the app, there is a section of the page titled “watched by,” which will show which of your friends have seen the film and whether they rated and reviewed the movie.

Because I tend to have a similar taste in movies as many of my friends, I like to see how many stars out of 5 they’ve rated a movie before I invest time in watching it. After watching a movie, I love reading my friends’ reviews, whether they’re serious and insightful or hilarious. When you visit a fellow Letterboxd user’s profile, you can also see what their four favorite movies are, recent Letterboxd activity, older ratings and reviews, movies they like, their watchlist, and who they’re following.


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Actors, crew members, and studio

You’re able to learn more about actors, crew members, and studios through a Letterboxd search. I often use this feature to search for actors and directors to see which movies they’ve been in and directed. Searching for a studio shows any films that the studio has produced or distributed.

You can search for stories, articles, and podcasts that include the searched for title, actor, or director as well. This is a great way to catch up on cinema news and fun facts or find professional reviews. And like I said earlier, you can also search for other users’ lists.


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5 Find where to watch a movie

Choice of streaming options


After finding a movie through Letterboxd’s search tool, you’ll see a section titled “Where to Watch” when you scroll down on the page. Here, you can find out which streaming platforms have the movie of your choice available for renting or buying. If you subscribe to the Pro version of Letterboxd, you can even set up preferred stores.


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6 Letterboxd Pro and Patron

More personalized and customizable experience

For serious movie watchers and reviewers, Letterboxd offers paid Pro and Patron versions of the app. While the free version of Letterboxd suits my needs with unlimited reviews, lists, and ratings, Letterboxd Pro and Patron provide a more personalized and customizable experience.

For $19 annually, Letterboxd Pro offers benefits like personalized stats on your movie-watching habits, notifications when movies are added to your favorite streaming services, and various other customization capabilities.

Patron comes with the benefits of Pro while also allowing users to customize the film posters they see, add backdrops to various parts of their profile, and have access to certain Beta features of the platform. Patron costs $49 annually.

Letterboxd instantly became my favorite social app when I started using it four years ago. Being able to keep track not only of what I’ve watched and want to watch but also what my friends and I thought of each film has added another level of fun to watching movies. If you’re a cinephile, download Letterboxd. It’ll only enhance your movie-watching experience and add a level of community to the love of film.


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My top movies on Letterboxd

  1. The Truman Show
  2. Amélie
  3. Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed
  4. Barbie


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