Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Wild Apple HomePod-iPad Hybrid Design Could Launch in 2025

It’s been rumored that Apple has been developing radical iterations of its HomePod speakers, including one with an iPad-like display. Although there were clues that gave credence to the device’s existence, it’s unlikely that this will be announced soon according to a new rumor.

As mentioned in Bloomberg’s Power On newsletter, Mark Gurman reiterated that Apple is indeed planning to develop a HomePod speaker with a detachable “iPad-like display”, which may be known as the HomePod 3 or “HomePod Pro”. However, he added that any information about this device remains an unknown quantity and Apple did not make anything concrete about its plan, let alone whether it will begin developing one in the first place.

Apple’s “HomePod Pro” smart speaker-display hybrid launch date

However, it is speculated that Apple could still launch the speaker device by 2025 if it decided to go through with the device alongside the finalized design and specifications. This is supported by the fact that the Cupertino tech company is said to be already in talks with its iPad suppliers to help them manufacture the speaker’s display.

Apart from the HomePod speaker with an enlarged display, Apple is believed to be experimenting with other wild form factors of its speakers. Namely, it includes one that combines the Apple TV 4K and HomePod with a built-in camera that could be utilized for FaceTime and video calls. There is also a HomePod with an adjustable mechanical arm to hold the display in place.

Google Pixel Tablet
Google’s Pixel Tablet gets a dedicated charging speaker dock that transforms the tablet into a smart display. / © nextpit

Among these devices, the most interesting one is a HomePod that can be used to dock the iPad tablet. At the same time, there was also a modified HomePod 2nd gen (review) with a convex display on top which has allegedly been pictured in the wild.

In addition to the hardware, the latest software builds indicate Apple could combine the tvOS and HomePodOS as a platform to support speakers with displays. While nothing has been confirmed yet, perhaps we may see or hear additional details at the upcoming WWDC 2024 which is expected to be held in June.

Which smart speaker form factor do you think will be the most logical? Should Apple follow Google with its Pixel Tablet design and function? Share your opinion with us as we’re eager to hear those.


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