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Windows 11 Moment 2 finally fixes a bug that makes copying files slow

Windows 11 copying files bug
Image Courtesy: Microsoft

Windows 11 users who upgraded to version 22H2 noticed a weird problem: the OS couldn’t efficiently copy files. Many users flagged that large files are copying slowly after recent monthly updates. Microsoft acknowledged the reports and fixed the problem in the technical preview builds of the OS.

Copying big files has been a painful experience for some users after Windows 11 2022 Update. Some reports claim file copying can take up to twice the length of time as usual.

Those in the Windows Insider Program have had access to the hotfix for a few months. Microsoft said it would release the patch to everyone after ensuring the fix is working correctly, and it’s finally rolling out to the general public (production channel) as part of the Moment 2 patch.

Microsoft’s principal program manager Ned Pyle previously confirmed that the hotfix would be released to the public in a monthly update. “The final fix for Windows 11 22H2 production computer will come in a normal monthly Cumulative Update through Windows Update once validated in Insider builds,” he noted.

Naturally, it’s now included in Windows 11 22H2 Moment 2 update (KB5022913 optional update) and will come through to the release version of Windows 11 via March 2023’s Patch Tuesday release.

Our readers affected by the problem told us that file copying is as fast as Windows 10 after installing KB5022913 (Moment 2).

“We ran into this problem in December when we upgraded our 100 devices to Windows 11 22H2. The files were taking a lot longer to copy over than they should. We noticed some file transfers were almost twice slower. Our users confirmed this is no longer the case after the KB5022913 update,” a tech consultant for a UK-based firm told us.

According to Microsoft officials, Windows 11’s file copying bug mainly affects enterprise customers, and those on home networks or small offices were less likely to encounter it.

However, it can still be a problem for consumers.

“… local file copy might also be affected,” Microsoft said.

The fix will be included in March 2023 Patch Tuesday

Thankfully, the problem is finally fixed, and everyone will notice improvements on the following Windows Patch Tuesday.

Microsoft has been busy resolving a lot of issues in Windows 11 lately. The company recently fixed a bug that caused stuttering when gaming and another bug that disabled printer service for some users.

Windows is not as buggy as it once was, but it’s still far away from offering a smoother update experience.


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