Sunday, April 21, 2024
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Windows 11 taskbar is getting a cleaner look, but Microsoft still won’t add back features we love

Windows 11 taskbar feature cleaner look

Microsoft is adding a new feature to Windows 11’s modern taskbar, but it’s not what you hoped. While many of us have voted for features like the ability to move the taskbar to another location, Microsoft is set to add new options that will make the taskbar look ‘cleaner’ or minimalist.

The latest preview builds contain references/strings to a new feature that would let you hide your time and date information in the corner of the taskbar. This optional toggle in the taskbar settings app can be turned on to remove clock data and related information to make the taskbar cleaner.

References to two related strings – ‘Hide taskbar clock’ and ‘Hide time and date in the System tray’ have also been spotted in Windows 11 preview builds.

As you’re probably aware, date and time information are on the right-hand side of the taskbar, and it doesn’t take up too much space. However, some users still prefer a clean taskbar and use third-party tools to remove that information.

In a future update, you can go to the Settings app and turn off the clock or date on the taskbar with just one tap.

The cleaner taskbar also better fits in with Windows 11’s overall look.

Our favourite features are still missing

Of course, new ways to customize Windows are always welcome, especially new features that can make the OS look less cluttered. Still, instead of bringing back advanced taskbar features like the ability to move it to the top or left/right, Microsoft is adding features that no one has asked for.

People haven’t been asking for a toggle to remove the time and date box. Instead, one of the most upvoted feedback posts is on the “missing taskbar rearrangement” feature.

While we don’t know when the company plans to add back the missing features, the next major update for Windows 11 “Moment 2” comes with a couple of new taskbar features, including a new tablet-optimized taskbar mode that’s designed to minimize the look of the taskbar when you’re not using it and enlarge it when you interact.


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