Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Windows 11’s new AI-themed wallpapers leaks online (download upscaled)

Windows 11 light wallpaperWindows 11 light wallpaper

We’re still a few hours away from Microsoft’s AI event, and we are now seeing more information about what to expect. Windows Latest has previously posted a dark-themed Copilot wallpaper for Windows, but it turns out the company is working on three new AI-themed wallpapers for Windows 11.

The latest, courtesy of Evan Blass, reveals what looks like the official Windows 11 2024 Update’s AI-themed wallpapers. This, in turn, gives us an idea that Microsoft plans to use Copilot colours in new wallpapers. These wallpapers are built around the existing Windows 11 bloom, but they’re more colourful.

Samsung Galaxy Book4 Edge
Samsung Galaxy Book4 Edge

The above render of the Samsung Galaxy Book4 Edge with Snapdragon X Elite features a new, colourful Copilot-themed wallpaper for light mode. Apparently, Microsoft designed this wallpaper for ARM and AI PCs, and it could be the default wallpaper on new Snapdragon X Elite PCs.

The new Windows on ARM PCs are set to begin shipping in the coming days with Snapdragon X Elite and Plus featuring all new wallpapers. If you can’t wait for the official wallpapers to arrive, here’s the full-resolution version of the wallpaper extracted from the Galaxy Book4 render and upscaled by Windows Latest:

Windows 11 light wallpaperWindows 11 light wallpaper
Right-click (tap and hold) to open it in a new tab and save the image

Here’s the upscaled wallpaper for the Windows 11 dark theme for OLED displays, but remember that the official version does not have the reflection:

Windows Copilot wallpaperWindows Copilot wallpaper
Right-click (tap and hold) to open it in a new tab and save the image

Microsoft has another wallpaper for dark mode in Windows 11, which is similar to the above one, but it’s more subtle.

What’s the difference between the original and new Windows 11 wallpapers for AI PCs?

As shown in the above-leaked wallpapers, while the original Windows 11 wallpaper features cool shades of blue and purple with hints of pink and orange, the Copilot or AI-themed wallpaper expands the colour range.

It includes a broader spectrum of colours, such as greens and yellows, in addition to blues, purples, and pinks.

These wallpapers are pretty nice, and you’ll find them on ARM AI PCs, but you can always manually download them. Will Microsoft publish these wallpapers in the Microsoft Store? We don’t think so, but we’ll share download links to all official high-resolution wallpapers in an update to this article.

Microsoft also has exclusive wallpapers for its Surface lineup, but those images will be exclusive to the new Snapdragon X Plus Surface Pro 10 and Snapdragon X Elite Surface Laptop 6.


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