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Windows 24H2 spotted as Windows 12 is rumoured to launch in 2024

Windows 24H2 and Windows 12 rumoursWindows 24H2 and Windows 12 rumours

Microsoft is believed to be working on a new version of its flagship operating system. This update may either be an upgrade (24H2) to Windows 11 or could be introduced as a completely new operating system called Windows 12.

The name of this upcoming update, which has a platform version 24H2, will depend on the marketing team’s decision.

For example, Windows 11 21H2 was initially called Windows 10 Sun Valley in its early stages. Leaks and job listings previously confirmed that “Sun Valley” was an update to Windows 10. However, things later changed, and Windows 10 Sun Valley was ultimately unveiled as Windows 11.

While it is unclear whether the next version of Windows will be Windows 11 24H2 or Windows 12, multiple sources and Microsoft’s partners have confirmed that a significant Windows refresh is planned for 2024.

Before the rollout of Windows 24H2 or Windows 12, Microsoft also plans to release another moment update known as “Windows 11 Moment 5” towards the end of February. This would be the first update to decouple Microsoft Edge and Bing from Windows in Europe.

The excellent Microsoft watcher PhantomOcean has already spotted references to a February Moment 4 update.

References to Windows 11 24H2

Windows 11 24H2 references

Microsoft has started dropping hints in the preview builds that a new Windows release is in the works.

According to Microsoft watcher Xeno, “Windows 11 24H2” was recently sighted in the PolicyDefinitions\en-US\Windows.adml, confirming the platform version of the next Windows iteration.

Windows 11 24H2Windows 11 24H2
Windows 11 24H2 references in Group Policy

As shown in the above screenshot, a new DMSA (Delegated Manage Service Account logons) group policy points to “Windows 11 Version 24H2”. This version is required to manage the Delegated Managed Service Account policy linked to Azure Directories.

But is this reference a placeholder or confirmation that the next version of Windows is “Windows 11 24H2”? Well, it’s hard to tell. It’s important to remember that the final branding decision rests with Microsoft’s marketing team and could change.

The reference only confirms the next platform release is ’24H2′, which was already known.

Windows 24H2 or Windows 12 release date

Microsoft partners have suggested that the next-gen Windows could debut as early as May or June alongside the new Snapdragon X hardware.

It’s likely the next version of Windows, whether a Windows 11 24H2 update or the debut of Windows 12, will hit Release to Manufacturer (RTM) around April. That’s because various PC makers have already hinted at a “Windows announcement” in the summer.

In theory, the next Windows release with new features won’t be ready for production until the fall of 2024 (September – October).

If Microsoft follows the same trend as Windows 11, we might see a Moment 1 update for Windows 24H2. In other words, Windows 24H2 or Windows 12 could ship without some of the features advertised or expected at launch. The “Moment 1” update for Windows 24H2 will add the other features later in 2024.

However, you can join the Windows Insider Program and test new features shortly after the announcement.

More PC makers hint at Windows 12 launch in 2024

Previously, Intel’s CFO David Zinser suggested that a “Windows refresh” could ship as early as next year. At a press summit, Intel confirmed 2024 as a significant year for client systems in light of the anticipated Windows update.

Further fueling the speculation, reports from Taiwanese media, including statements from top executives at Acer and Quanta, suggest that Microsoft’s Windows 12 is slated for a June 2024 launch.

Notably, these reports, originating from Taiwan’s most prominent financial newspaper, the Commercial Times, did not specifically confirm ‘Windows 12’. The media in the country assumed the executives were referring to “Windows 12”.

Either way, it’s now confirmed that a significant Windows refresh is coming in 2024.


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