Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Windows could soon control all of your rig’s RGB lights, no apps required

Windows could soon control your RGB lights – no more battling with third-party apps to get everything to sync up properly.


PC owners who have to deal with multiple apps to sync their RGB lights might be in for some respite sooner or later, with Microsoft working on adding lighting controls to Windows.

RGB lights have been part of the PC modding world for many a year but actually controlling the lights in your PC case, on your keyboard, or anywhere else and syncing them up can be a real pain. Now, it appears that Microsoft is working on fixing that by building some support for RGB light controls right into the operating system itself.


Windows watcher Albacore says that they have found a hidden control menu in the latest Windows 11 build that was made available to those on the Windows Insider developer channel. That’s build 25295 for those playing along at home.

Bleeping Computer also details how to enable the hidden menu yourself if you happen to have that particular build installed at home. Once enabled, a new lighting section becomes available in the Personalisation section of the Settings app. All RGB-capable devices should appear, allowing them to be controlled there and then. Support for controlling brightness, lighting effects, and more are all present and correct.

Some of the features included are actually pretty cool, not least the ability to have all of your RGB lights display the same colour as your Windows accent colour.

However, it’s important to note that similar references to RGB lighting have been in Windows since 2018 which means that this isn’t a new development. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t cause for optimism though – the fact that the menu is alive and kicking today might suggest that something is on the horizon.


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