Thursday, May 30, 2024
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Windows Phone gets some revenge on YouTube from beyond the grave

What you need to know

  • YouTube is cracking down on ad-blockers stating they violate the Terms of Service. 
  • Users are reporting getting a pop-up when starting videos that tells them to disable ad-blockers.
  • By switching your user agent on your web browser to Windows Phone you can bypass this pop-up.

YouTube is the biggest video platform on the internet, funded by ads and its premium subscription service. Up until now, the ads have been relatively easy to block using various browser extensions, but the Google-owned firm is now cracking down. 

There are a lot of people frustrated by YouTube’s decision to force a pop-up message for viewers using an ad-blocker as seen in this Reddit post. And there are even more posts and videos all over the internet on how to bypass it. Windows Central readers might agree with us that there is some karmic justice in the Windows Phone being able to finally stick it to YouTube since it was one of the main reasons for the platform’s demise. 


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