Monday, June 24, 2024
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Xiaomi 13 Ultra becomes the OEM’s latest smartphone that is super expensive to have fixed

The Xiaomi 13 Ultra is far from an average Android smartphone, even when it comes to taking it apart, as the teardown channel WekiHome has found. Its new rear panel, complete with slightly unusual shape in keeping with its ‘pro Leica mobile camera’ esthetic, seems resistant to removal with a suction-cup tool as usual, possibly thanks to the frame that curves up around it to an exaggerated degree.

Fortunately, it can be pried up via clips with plastic tools nonetheless. Then again, a 13 Ultra owner would be advised not to lose the faux-leather panel thereafter, as getting another from Xiaomi might cost them up to 180 yuan (~US$26).

That replacement looks like a bargain, however, compared to the rest of the potential first-party repair costs for the 12S Ultra successor. A replacement QHD AMOLED display costs 1,360 yuan (~US$197), whereas a new set of its headlining quad 50MP cameras would be 1,450 yuan (~US$210).

However, even those super-premium shooters are eclipsed in terms of replacement costs for the 13 Ultra’s motherboard: up to 2,560 yuan (~US$372) for the 1TB version: quite some sums to have to think about when shelling out at least 5,999 yuan (~US$870) for a new Xiaomi flagship in the first place.

Furthermore, the OEM adds a “labor charge” of up to 40 yuan (~US$6) on top of each of those servicing options. Fortunately, however, they only apply if the device is out of warranty.

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