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Your excuse to finally buy an Apple Pencil for your iPad

A person writes on a 2021 Apple iPad Mini with an Apple Pencil.

If you’ve been holding out for a discount before purchasing an Apple Pencil to pair with your iPad, today’s your day. Amazon has the second and newest generation Apple Pencil discount from $129 to $113 right now, which makes for a savings of $16. If you’re looking to save even more on an Apple Pencil, the first generation Apple Pencil isn’t currently seeing any deals, but it is just $99, which would save you $30 from the second generation Apple Pencil’s regular price. Free shipping is included with the purchase of each.

Apple Pencil (1st Gen) — $99

With the first generation Apple Pencil, Apple introduced a fun, creative, and versatile way to interact with the digital canvas that is the iPad. The Apple Pencil creates an experience similar to working on paper if you’re an artist, and an immersive experience that sucks you more deeply into your iPad. This is true whether you’re creating, playing games, taking notes, or browsing the internet. It’s sensitive to pressure and tilt so it feels like using an actual pencil, opening up new creative possibilities across the iPad lineup. The first generation Apple Pencil comes with a USB-C adapter for charging and pairing with your iPad. It’s compatible with many iPad models, including new models like the iPad Pro and smaller models like the newest iPad mini.

Apple Pencil 2 — $113, was $129

The Apple Pencil 2 builds upon the already impressive performance of the first generation Apple Pencil, and brings even more features to your iPad experience. It has such a short lag time that it’s not even perceivable to the human eye, pixel perfect precision, title and pressure sensitivity, and it makes painting, sketching, doodling, and note taking better than ever. This model of the Apple Pencil is able to magnetically attach to the iPad and charges wirelessly while attached. Within various apps it will allow you to change tools with a simple double tap. With this being the newest version of the Apple Pencil, it’s compatible with newer iPad models, and because older iPad generations aren’t equipped to work with the Apple Pencil, it’s important to know which Apple Pencil works with which iPad before you make a purchase.

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