Thursday, April 18, 2024

Your Fitbit is getting rid of community features to make way for Google tech

Several of Fitbit’s community-driven features will be going offline on Android and iOS, starting on March 27, to make way for a new app powered by Google.

News of the upcoming change was dropped rather unceremoniously via mass email to its users. On that date, “Open Groups will no longer be available.” However, users will still be able to create closed groups with their friends or other users in the Fitbit community forums (opens in new tab). “All Challenges and Adventures, including trophies” are getting the axe as well. Around that same time, Fitbit Studio, a browser tool allowing developers to create apps and watch faces for Fitbit OS, will be entering read-only mode (opens in new tab). Then a month later on April 20, Fitbit Studio will shut down for good. The company is asking those same developers to switch over to the command-line SDK, which is available for download on Fitbit’s website (opens in new tab).


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