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Your iPhone Finally Has a Feature That Macs Have Had for Almost 40 Years « iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

Apple had a version of this feature on its Mac computers for almost 40 years, so why did it take Apple over 15 years to finally add it to iPhone?

Since the first Macintosh computer, Apple’s included a startup chime that sounded off every time you powered on. At first, it was a helpful sound to let you know that the computer’s hardware started up correctly. It’s still useful for that, but it’s also a huge part of Mac’s identity, a recognizable sound of Apple familiarity.

There’s never really been a need for a similar startup chime on iPhone, but it’s now an option on the iPhone 14, 14 Plus, 14 Pro, and 14 Pro Max. And enabling the hidden setting also adds a shutdown chime, so you’ll get a chime whenever you shut down, boot up, or restart your iPhone.

It’s most useful for blind and low-vision users, so they can be sure their iPhone is shutting down or powering on, but it’s useful for everyone else for the same reason. It’s also just another customization feature you can use to set yourself apart from those with older iPhone models.

Quick Facts About the New Power Sounds

Before continuing, here are a few quick facts in no particular order.

  1. They only work on an iPhone 14 series model.
  2. They are different chimes.
  3. They play at the same non-adjustable volume level.
  4. You’ll hear them almost always, with one exception, as you’ll see.
  5. They are accompanied by haptic feedback.
  6. The haptic feedback still works in silent mode.
  7. The haptic feedback still works when system haptics is disabled.
  8. The haptic feedback still works when vibration is disabled.

How to Enable Power On/Off Sounds

The setting is buried deep in your Accessibility settings, so navigate to Settings –> Accessibility –> Audio/Visual, then toggle on the “Power On & Off Sounds” switch.

From now on, you’ll hear the shutdown and startup chimes whenever your iPhone shuts down or powers back on.

The shutdown chime plays almost every time your iPhone turns off, such as when turning your iPhone off using the hardware buttons, the switch in Settings, Siri, or a Home Screen shortcut. However, it won’t play when performing a force restart, though the bootup chime will sound during the power-on phase.

You’ll also hear the startup chime when you turn your iPhone on using the hardware buttons, a Lightning cable, or a wireless charger. Both sounds will play during a regular restart using Siri, AssistiveTouch, or Voice Control.

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